Winner announced here. New contest coming soon!

One thing we want more of on is reader opinions.

Currently all of our listings of characters and authors in order are presented purely in factual format.

We would like to add in YOUR opinions on a particular character or author, to help prospective new readers determine whether or not they should start reading that character or author.

So for April 2013, we’re running a contest at It’s very simple:

1: Write your opinion on a particular character, book or author in the form below.
2: For every entry sent in, you earn 1 ticket into a draw.
3: On May 1st, 2013 we will do the draw and announce a winner.

The prize winner will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

The gift card will be eligible for whatever Amazon store you would prefer – if you are Canadian for example and would prefer the gift card for we can do that. We will work with you – if you would prefer a $100 gift card at another store we will try and accommodate you.

So it’s that simple. You can submit your opinion on a particular author or character below. You can enter multiple times(must write about a different author and character).

Couple of Notes:

1: All content must be unique. You can’t copy/paste something from an old blog/forum post you wrote.
2: All content must be a minimum of 100 words.
3: They must already be listed on our characters or authors pages.

We also will have a leaderboard below the entry form with your first name and initial, so you know where you rank in terms of tickets. This is updated every 24 hours approximately.

Fill in the review below:

Contest closed.

Current Leaderboard:

Entrants as of April 23rd, 2013:

Janecia W: 3
Pat B: 1
Ruby: 1
Anne M: 2
Stewart A: 1
Sue C: 1
Terry M: 1
Mariana D: 1
Susan W: 1
Karen W: 1
Cheryl L-H: 1

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