Written by Ella Thomson on Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

HarperCollins had made agreements with various retailers, including Amazon, that allows their eBooks to be sold at discount prices.

The Fallen Angel by Daniel Silva is one of the bestsellers being sold for $9.99 in eBook format.

This makes HarperCollins the first of three publishers to renegotiate its contracts, as required by the settlement publishers made with the Department of Justice in April.

HarperCollins “has reached agreements with our e-retailers that are consistent with the final judgment,” says spokeswoman Erin Crum. “Dynamic pricing and experimentation will continue to be a priority for us as we move forward,” she added.

“We are happy to again be lowering prices on a broad assortment of HarperCollins titles,” says Sarah Gelman, a spokeswoman for Amazon.

The agreements mean that HarperCollins can set the list price of the book, but the retailer is able to sell for a lower price. The agreement could mean that HarperCollins has a temporary advantage over competitors while their competitors are still negotiating new contracts.

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