Written by Ella Thomson on Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

CBS has made a casting decision that turns the Sherlock Holmes franchise on its head in a very big way by casting Lucy Liu as Watson in the new show “Elementary.”

“Whether it succeeds or fails, I feel I’m doing something different and exciting,” she said.

She will be joined by Jonny Lee Miller, who will be playing Sherlock Holmes.

Information is scant on the new series based on the classic Arthur Conan Doyle series, but it will be set in modern day New York, rather than London.

“For me it’s about pushing forward,” she added. “Playing a role that has been historically a male figure and also something that is obviously lore because it is very English-based.”

Lucy Liu’s previous credits include Charlie’s Angels in 2000, where she was part of a cast that included Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz.

“I think for someone who is an Asian-American actress playing (Joan) Watson that’s something I always like to do – push the envelope.”

Elementary will be written by Robert Doherty, who will also serve as executive producer. His previous work includes a producer credit on Star Trek Voyager.

On the other hand, the more traditional British version of the show, which is called “Sherlock,” will return for its third series (“season” in North American speak) starring Benedict Cumberbatch with Martin Freeman playing John Watson, the equivalent to Lucy Liu’s Joan Watson.

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