Written by Jenny Brady on Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Lots of people try and make fan-maps of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series (aka Game of Thrones), but serMountainGoat has created a map so amazing that it’s impressed the author – George R.R. Martin – himself!

Mr. MountainGoat painstakingly went over the pages of the series, looking over both canon and non-canon maps in order to create the best visual map of Westeros and beyond possible. Since a few of the regions haven’t been laid out in the books, there is some guesswork involved.

George R.R. Martin gave his opinion of the map, “This is a very handsome map. And based on the information you have, it’s quite good. But of course there’s lots of information you don’t have, so it’s not accurate. There are certain things — the geography and location of the Summer Islands, the placement of Qarth and the Jade Gates, everything east of Slaver’s Bay and the Dothraki Sea… that you would have no way of knowing.”

Martin plans on releasing an official set of map posters with the Lands of Ice and Fire boxset coming this October.

To check out the map, please visit SerMountainGoat’s website.

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