Written by Brandon Williams on Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Dustin Pogue, New York Times columnist and author, admitted to downloading an eBook off a torrent site.

Dustin Pogue was searching for an eBook edition of The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum, but was disappointed to find that it is not offered.

He said, “How about worrying about the thousands of dollars a month you’ve been leaving on the table by not offering the books to the public who’s willing to buy it?”

So instead, his alternative was to download an illegal copy off the internet.

“Eventually, I did what I’m sure thousands of frustrated Ludlum fans wind up doing: I downloaded the book from a BitTorrent site. I know this is wrong. I sure wish I could have paid for it. So I sent the publisher a check for $9.99 for the eBook.”

eBook sales account for at least half of the book sales nowadays. It only makes sense that some of these publishers will find a way to get their backlisted titles out to the masses in digital formats, royalty rates be damned.

For the whole blog post from Dustin Pogue, click here.

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