Written by Jenny Brady on Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Crime fiction novelist P.D. James made a moving tribute to Nina Bawden, who she called “one of the greatest storytellers of our generation.” Nina, the author of Carrie’s War, passed away last month.

Friends, family and well-wishers in the hundreds gathered at the Assembly Hall in Islington to pay tribute to Bawden, who died at age 87.

Baroness James recalls her first meeting with Bawden at a dinner party. “There was much laughter. There always was when Nina was present,” said James.

“I remember Austen going into the kitchen from time to time to return with another home-cooked culinary delight and a bottle. My memories of them will always nourish me in my old age.”

She also noted that Bawden was able to provide both a literary novel and a good plot.

“She was a born writer, which meant she was happiest either planning or writing a new novel. You could never separate the woman from her work. Everything that had happened to her was used.”

“Nina’s apparent fragility concealed an indomitable spirit and a passionate concern for justice. She was always a powerful voice for the voiceless.”

Nina Bawden is survived by her son Robert, two stepdaughters, nine grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

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