Written by Ella Thomson on Friday, September 28th, 2012

The end of September does not see a ton of new book releases, but there are still some big books out this week.

Perhaps the most notable is The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling. The book is about a seemingly idyllic English town, but deep down there is a war between classes. The Casual Vacancy is available now in Kindle eBook, hardcover and audiobook formats.

Our current poll leader is another novel from James PattersonConfessions of a Murder Suspect. Written alongside Maxine Paetro, the novel is the beginning of Patterson’s new Teen Detective series. You can pick up Confessions of a Murder Suspect now in Kindle eBook, hardcover and audiobook formats.

J.R. Ward is back with a new paranormal romance novel in her Fallen Angels series. You can find Rapture by J.R. Ward in hardcover, Kindle eBook and audiobook formats. The mass market paperback will see publication in March 2013.

Finally, we have Breaking News by Fern Michaels. It’s the fifth book in Fern’s Godmothers series. You can pick this one up in eBook, hardcover, paperback and audiobook formats.

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