Order of William H. Keith Books

William H. Keith, Jr. is an American novelist of science fiction, action and thriller novels. He is the author of the Freedom’s Rangers, Cybernarc, Warstrider, SEALs: The Warrior Breed, Galactic Marines and Star Carrier series. Aside from series he wrote himself, Bill has also contributed to several series, including Doctor Who, BattleTech, Carrier, Buck Rogers, […]


Order of Jerry Ahern Books

Jerry Ahern (1946-2012) was an American author of science fiction and action novels, best known his post-apocalyptic series The Survivalist. Aside from being a novelist, Ahern wrote for firearms magazines including Guns & Ammo, Handguns and Gun World. He often collaborated with wife Sharon Ahern. Jerry passed away in July 2012 from cancer.


Order of Murray McDonald Books

Murray McDonald is a British author of action thriller novels. His books are fast-paced and full of action, written to keep you enthralled and intrigued until the shocking conclusion. He writes books for adults and young adults.


Order of Nina Wilde/Eddie Chase Books

The Nina Wilde/Eddie Chase series is a series of action/thriller novels by British author Andy McDermott. It follows Nina Wilde (an American archaeologist) and Eddie Chase (an ex-SAS soldier) who Nina hires as her bodyguard.


Order of Hover Car Racer Books

Hover Car Racer is a sci-fi/action/sports series by Australian author Matthew Reilly. Its main character is named Jason Chaser, who goes to Race School to participate in the 21st century sport of Hover Car Racing. Hover Car Racer reads similarly to an action movie screenplay. The series may end up on the big screen after […]