Order of Francis Hancock Books

Francis Hancock is the main character in a series of historical mystery novels by British author Barbara Nadel. During the 1940s and World War II in London, England, Francis Hancock works as an undertaker. He is a World War I vet who is suffering from symptoms of what today would be referred to as post-traumatic […]


Order of Inspector Ikmen Books

Inspector Ikmen is the protagonist in a series of crime fiction novels by British novelist Barbara Nadel. Inspector Cetin Ikmen is a police officer in Istanbul, Turkey.


Order of Barbara Nadel Books

Barbara Nadel is a English author of crime fiction and historical fiction novels. She writes the Inspector Ikmen, Francis Hancock and Hakim & Arnold series. Barbara has been referred to as “The Donna Leon of Istanbul,” referring to the fact that her style is similar to Leon’s, except her books are set in Turkey rather […]