Inspector Ikmen by Barbara Nadel
Inspector Ikmen is the protagonist in a series of crime fiction novels by British novelist Barbara Nadel. Inspector Cetin Ikmen is a police officer in Istanbul, Turkey.

Barbara Nadel began her Inspector Ikmen series in 1999 with the novel Belshazzar’s Daughter. The series is currently ongoing. The seventh novel in the series, Deadly Web, won the CWA Silver Dagger in 2005. Below is a list of Barbara Nadel’s Inspector Ikmen books in order of when they were first published (which is the same as their chronological order):

Publication Order of Inspector Ikmen Books

Belshazzar's Daughter (1999)Amazon UK |
A Chemical Prison/The Ottoman Cage (2000)Amazon UK |
Arabesk (2001)Amazon UK |
Deep Waters (2002)Amazon UK |
Harem (2003)Amazon UK |
Petrified (2004)Amazon UK |
Deadly Web (2005)Amazon UK |
Dance with Death (2006)Amazon UK |
A Passion for Killing (2007)Amazon UK |
Pretty Dead Things (2007)Amazon UK |
River of the Dead (2008)Amazon UK |
Death by Design (2010)Amazon UK |
A Noble Killing (2011)Amazon UK |
Dead of Night (2012)Amazon UK |
Deadline (2013)Amazon UK |
Body Count (2014)Amazon UK |
Land of the Blind (2015)Amazon UK |
On the Bone (2016)Amazon UK |
The House of Four (2017)Amazon UK |
Incorruptible (2018)Amazon UK |
A Knife to the Heart (2020)Amazon UK |
Blood Business (2020)Amazon UK |
Forfeit (2021)Amazon UK |
Bride Price (2022)Amazon UK |

Note: A Chemical Prison was also titled The Ottoman Cage.

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Inspector Ikmen Synopsis: In Deadline by Barbara Nadel (book 15 of the series), Cetin Ikmen is headed to a murder mystery party at a prestious hotel in Istanbul. As he walks in the steps of Agatha Christie, Ikmen begins to get a sense of fear and hatred that he himself has felt before.

In Body Count by Barbara Nadel (book 16 of the series), Cetin Ikmen and Mehmet Suleyman are investigating a murder, but not just any one. This corpse in a poor area of the city of Istanbul has almost been decapitated. And as time passes, it turns into not just a hunt for an ordinary killer, but a serial killer.

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