Order of Jennifer Crusie Books

Jennifer Crusie is an American author of contemporary romance novels. Crusie fell into writing accidentally when she was working on a dissertation on the impact of gender of narrative strategies. She ended up reading so many romance novels that she began writing them. Jennifer focuses on standalone novels rather than having a series of novels. […]


Order of Atlantis Books

Atlantis is a series of action-adventure thrillers by American author Bob Mayer (also published under the pen names Greg Donegan and Robert Doherty). The series tells the story of an interdimensional battle to stop a transdimensional race from stealing Earth’s resources and then destroying the planet.


Order of Area 51 Books

Area 51 is a series of science fiction novels by American author Robert Doherty (Bob Mayer). As can be expected from the title, the series tells the story of humans making contact with aliens and consequences of it.


Order of Dave Riley Books

Dave Riley is a fictional character created by American novelist Bob Mayer who appears in a series of suspense novels.


Order of Bob Mayer Books

Bob Mayer is an American author of science fiction and thriller novels. He also works as a writing instructor. He writes under the pen names of Joe Dalton, Robert Doherty, Greg Donegan and Bob McGuire. He is a regular writing partner with Jennifer Crusie. He is the co-founder of Cool Gus Publishing. Before becoming a […]