Order of Mildred A. Wirt Books

Mildred A. Wirt Benson (1905-2002) was an American author of children’s books. Working under the Stratemeyer Syndicate, she wrote most of the first 30 Nancy Drew novels (writing as Carolyn Keene). She also contributed to many other series, including the Dana Girls, Penny Nichols, Dot and Dash, Honey Bunch, Kay Tracey and Ruth Fielding. She […]


Order of River Heights Books

River Heights is a series of young adult romance novels by Carolyn Keene. River Heights is a spin-off of the Nancy Drew series. The series is set in Nancy Drew’s hometown, River Heights (a fictional town), and involves Nancy’s friends who are dealing with their own “mysteries,” such as boys and the various events in […]


Order of Dana Girls Books

The Dana Girls is a series of YA mystery novels written under the house name of Carolyn Keene and created by Harriet Stratemeyer Adams of the Stratemeyer Syndicate. Jean and Louise Dana are teenage amateur sleuths who are attending a boarding school called the Starhurst School for Girls, where they solve mysteries.


Order of Nancy Drew Books

Nancy Drew is the protagonist of several series of children’s mystery novels, written under the house name of Carolyn Keene. The character was created by Edward Stratemeyer, head of the Stratemeyer Syndicate, which produced not only Nancy Drew, but also The Hardy Boys, Tom Swift, the Bobbsey Twins, the Rover Boys and more series. Nancy […]


Order of Carolyn Keene Books

Carolyn Keene is the house name of authors who wrote children’s novels, including all of the various the Nancy Drew series as well as the Dana Girls and River Heights series. The house name was created by the Stratemeyer Syndicate (the same group responsible for the Hardy Boys, Tom Swift, the Rover Boys, the Bobbsey […]