Order of Queen & Country Books

Queen & Country is a series of spy/techno-thriller graphic novels and novels by American author Greg Rucka. The series follows Tara Chace, who works for the Minders – a special ops division of the SIS. The comic book series is published by Oni Press and drawn by various artists.


Order of Atticus Kodiak Books

Atticus Kodiak is the central character in a series of mystery/thriller novels by American author Greg Rucka. Kodiak is a professional bodyguard who takes jobs that at first seem uncomplicated, but end up to be more than they appear. The books are very realistic, due to Rucka’s fight training and EMT experience.


Order of Greg Rucka Books

Greg Rucka is an American author of mystery, thriller, suspense and science fiction novels. He is also a comic book writer. He has written for several popular comic book series and characters, including Batman, Superman, Wolverine, Wonder Woman and several others. He is the creator of the Queen & Country series. As a novelist, he […]