Order of John Scalzi Books

John Scalzi is an American author of science fiction, humour and non-fiction, in addition to being an online blogger. He is the author of the Old Man’s War series. Scalzi attended the University of Chicago, during which time he was editor-in-chief for The Chicago Maroon. He is a former president of the Science Fiction and […]


Order of Patrick F. McManus Books

Patrick F. McManus (1933-2018) was an American author of humourous columns on the outdoors and mystery novels. His mystery novels feature his character Sheriff Bo Tully. His columns were originally written for various outdoor magazines such as Outdoor Life and Field & Stream and have been collected into various volumes. The columns consist of semi-fictitious […]


Order of David Sedaris Books

David Sedaris is an American author, humourist and comedian. Sedaris got his break when he was discovered by Ira Glass, who got him to appear on his radio show. Most of his work consists of short stories and plays. His work is autobiographical and self-deprecating. He lives with his partner Hugh Hamrick, who is often […]


Order of Dave Barry Books

Dave Barry is an American author and humourist. He also wrote a column published in The Miami Herald from 1983 to 2005. His novel Big Trouble was adapted to a film starring Tim Allen and Rene Russo in 2011. Barry resides in South Florida, which he suggested should be sawed off and disowned by the […]


Order of Christopher Moore Books

Christopher Moore is an American author of humourous fantasy novels. His books feature regular people who are transposed into extraordinary circumstances, such as the paranormal. Moore’s inspirations include John Steinbeck and Kurt Vonnegut.