Order of Edge Books

The Edge is a series of fantasy novels by Ilona Andrews (Ilona & Andrew Gordon). The Edge is a very odd place that lies between worlds. On world is called “the Broken,” a normal world where magic is make-believe and “the Weird,” a world ruled by blueblooded aristocrats where changelings are reality. The series got […]


Order of Kate Daniels Books

Kate Daniels is the protagonist in a series of urban fantasy novels by Ilona Andrews (Ilona & Andrew Gordon). The Kate Daniels world is a world of magic, monsters, werebears, werehyenas, necromancers and more. Kate’s weapon of choice is the sword and often says the wrong thing.


Order of Ilona Andrews Books

Ilona Andrews is the pen name of urban fantasy novelists Ilona and Andrew Gordon. Ilona is a Russian who emigrated to the United States when she was a teenager. Andrew (who actually goes by “Gordon”) is a former communications sergeant in the U.S. Army. The couple co-author all of their books together, most notably of […]