Tons of New Books Released Today!

Written by Jenny Brady on Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Summer reading is quite a blast. Sit out in the shade, get your eReader out (or your hardcover/paperback if you’re old school) and drift away into another world… That’s why it’s great to have new reading material, such as books by James Lee Burke, Daniel Silva, David Hagberg and more! First, we know a lot […]


Order of Kirk McGarvey Books

Kirk McGarvey is a fictional character and techno-thriller series created by American novelist David Hagberg. McGarvey was a CIA agent who was trained to fight communism at all costs. During the Carter administration, he was forced into retirement in favour of a kinder, gentler bureau. Now he is in his mid-40s, helping run a bookstore […]


Order of David Hagberg Books

David Hagberg is an American novelist who writes techno-thrillers. Some consider him to be a cross between Tom Clancy and Ian Fleming. His main series features spy Kirk McGarvey, who tracked Obama bin Laden down in urban Pakistan long before it was done in real life, and shot him in the head. Hagberg co-authored a […]