Written by Jenny Brady on Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Summer reading is quite a blast. Sit out in the shade, get your eReader out (or your hardcover/paperback if you’re old school) and drift away into another world… That’s why it’s great to have new reading material, such as books by James Lee Burke, Daniel Silva, David Hagberg and more!

First, we know a lot of you have been looking forward to this one for a very long time – Creole Belle by James Lee Burke! It’s the 19th Dave Robicheaux novel JLB has put out, along with some well known other novels like Heaven’s Prisoners and In the Electric Mist with Confederate Dead among others. Creole Belle is out in Kindle, hardcover and audiobook formats now! UKers will be able to purchase the paperback on Thursday.

Next is a biggie featuring one of our most popular authors here at Order Of Books… The Fallen Angel by Daniel Silva is the 12th Gabriel Allon book. The Israeli intelligence operative is back and this time he finds himself in the middle of a suspicious “suicide” with a woman who knew something that could threaten a major worldwide criminal enterprise. The Fallen Angel comes out today in hardcover, Kindle eBook and audiobook formats. You can find the large print paperback edition on August 7th.

Also out today is Castro’s Daughter by David Hagberg. It’s the 16th book in his Kirk McGarvey series, which is the work he is best known for. In it, Kirk is being seeked out by an illegitimate daughter of the ailing Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, but for what purpose? Castro’s Daughter hits shelves today in Kindle and hardcover formats.

For those who are awaiting the Ender’s Game movie, Orson Scott Card (along with co-author Aaron Johnston) has got a prequel to the Ender Saga out. Earth Unaware by Card and Johnston is available now in Kindle, hardcover and audiobook formats.

For young adults, British author Anthony Horowitz has not one, but two books out today! They are both in his Legends series and they are titled Tricks and Transformations and The Wrath of Gods. They can both be purchased in hardcover format today.

Now the countdown is on for Black List by Brad Thor next week!

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