Dave Robicheaux is the creation of American author James Lee Burke. It is considered to be some of Burke’s best work as a novelist. He appears in a series of mystery novels that have been published on a regular basis since the year 1987.

Dave Robicheaux has made it to the silver screen portrayed by two big-name actors – first, Alec Baldwin in Heaven’s Prisoners and then more recently by Tommy Lee Jones in In the Electric Mist. Below is a list of the books Dave Robicheaux appears in, sorted by date of publication:

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Publication Order of Dave Robicheaux Books

The Neon Rain(1987)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Heaven's Prisoners(1988)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Black Cherry Blues(1989)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
A Morning for Flamingos(1990)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
A Stained White Radiance(1992)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
In the Electric Mist with Confederate Dead(1993)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Dixie City Jam(1994)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Burning Angel(1995)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Cadillac Jukebox(1996)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Sunset Limited(1996)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Purple Cane Road(2000)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Jolie Blon's Bounce(2002)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Last Car to Elysian Fields(2003)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Crusader's Cross(2005)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Pegasus Descending(2006)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
The Tin Roof Blowdown(2007)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Swan Peak(2008)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
The Glass Rainbow(2010)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Creole Belle(2012)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Light of the World(2013)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Robicheaux(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
The New Iberia Blues(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
A Private Cathedral(2020)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Clete(2024)Description / Buy at Amazon.com

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Dave Robicheaux Synopsis: In Heaven’s Prisoners, Dave Robicheaux must fight his own alcoholism, past memories and obsession with fighting the seedy part of New Orleans. Dave is trying to put his life back together and has started a small fishing rental business in the bayou. He’s gotten married. When he and wife Annie witness a small plane crash in which four illegal aliens are killed and only a young girl survives, Robicheaux is brought down a trail that suggests that feds are in league with a ring of Central American dope-runners. Heaven’s Prisoners was adapted to film in 1996 and starred Alec Baldwin, Kelly Lynch, Mary Stuart Masterson and Teri Hatcher.

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