Elvis Cole and Joe Pike are the featured characters in suspense novels by American author Robert Crais. Former Army Ranger Elvis Cole is a private detective alongside his partner Joe Pike, an ex-Marine. The majority of Robert Crais’ books feature both characters, but some of the later novels have focused on Joe Pike.

Robert Crais introduced the Elvis Cole and Joe Pike characters in the novel The Monkey’s Raincoat, published in 1987. The series is currently ongoing. Below is the order in which Robert Crais’ Elvis Cole/Joe Pike books have been released in:

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Publication Order of Elvis Cole & Joe Pike Books

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5 Responses to “Order of Elvis Cole/Joe Pike Books”

  1. Stacie Hartley: 8 months ago

    Do you know if Robert Crais will continue his characters Scott James and his K9 Maggie from The Promise? I enjoyed the characters and the books but can’t find another.

    Thank you.


  2. ComancheN9423P: 9 years ago

    “The Promise,” not available until November 10, 2015.


  3. piggly: 11 years ago

    You promise a chronological order for the books, not just publication order. You lie, like Obama.


    • Brandon: 11 years ago

      The publication order is the same as the chronological order, from what I can tell. The order of the last four books is: The Watchman, The First Rule, The Sentry & Taken.

      (And since when was a politician lying new?)


    • Darsha Doran: 6 years ago

      Random comment on Obama, are you taking your meds? Apparently not!


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