Order of Magnificent 12 Books

The Magnificent 12 is a series of science fiction/fantasy novels for children by American novelist Michael Grant. The series is about the Pale Queen, who is back from being banished to the underworld. Her goal is to destroy the human race, but twelve 12 year-olds with unknown powers called the “Magnificent 12” plan to stop […]


Order of Gone Books

Gone is a series of YA dystopian science fiction novels by American author Michael Grant. The series takes place in Perdido Beach, California, where everyone 15 and older suddenly vanishes and the town is surrounded by a bubble. Some of the humans and animals develop special powers.


Order of Michael Grant Books

Michael Grant is an American author of young adult novels, frequently ghostwriting alongside wife Katherine Applegate. He is best known as the author of the Gone dystopian adventure series. Before becoming a novelist, Michael worked several different odd jobs – everything from a busboy to a documentary producer.