Written by Ella Thomson on Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Well, with Halloween tonight, we have under two months till December 25th, which means lots of new books starting to come out! There’s pretty much something for everyone this week – mysteries, young adult, fantasy, sci-fi, suspense, Christmas… so you might want to have a quick browse and see if there’s anything that catches your […]


Rogue Angel is a series of fantasy adventure novels by Alex Archer, a house name belonging to the Gold Eagle imprint of Harlequin Publishing. The series stars Annja Creed, an archaeologist who travels around the world looking for lost cities, secret codes and puzzles to decipher. Annja is described as “beautiful, charming and intelligent.” She […]


Alex Archer is a house name created by Harlequin’s Gold Eagle imprint. “Alex” writes the Rogue Angel series, which is a fantasy adventure series. The ghostwriters’ names are written inside the books.