Talon & Chantry are two intersecting Western adventure family sagas by American author Louis L’Amour. The Chantrys emigrated to the United States from Ireland, fighting alongside the Sacketts in the American Revolution. The Talons left Quebec to settle in the American West. In another connection to the Sackett family, Em Talon was born a Sackett.


The Sackett series is a series of novels by American author Louis L’Amour. These western (or “Frontier”) novels don’t all feature the whole family, but rather each novel features a different member of the Sackett clan. The family tree consists of several different members, including Barnabas, Kin-Ring, Brian, Yance, Jubal, Echo, Logan, Nolan, Lando, Falcon, […]


Louis L’Amour (1908-1988) was an American novelist, or as he would say, “an American storyteller.” The majority of his work was western novels (which he referred to as “Frontier novels”), although he had some science fiction and historical fiction books in there as well. Several of his books were adapted into films, including Crossfire Trail, […]