Order of NFL Monday Night Football Club Books

NFL Monday Night Football Club is a series of children’s sports novels by Canadian-American author Gordon Korman. The premise of the series involves a football jersey that allows kids to switch places with football stars in the middle of NFL Monday Night Football games. The series was adapted into the Disney Channel series The Jersey, […]


Order of Baseball Card Adventures Books

The Baseball Card Adventures is a series of children’s novels by American author Dan Gutman. The series is about a Joe Stoshack, a boy who can travel through time whenever he touches an old baseball card. He will end up in the year the card is from, near the player on the card.


Order of Dan Gutman Books

Dan Gutman is an American author of children’s novels and non-fiction books. Many of his books are in his My Weird School series (and its sequel series) as well as his Baseball Card Adventures series. Infact, as a life-long baseball fan, baseball is a regular theme in his books. He has also expanded into writing […]


Order of Comeback Kids Books

The Comeback Kids series is a series of YA sports novels by American author Mike Lupica. The series is about various kids playing various team sports and fighting back to win the game from behind.


Order of Mike Lupica Books

Mike Lupica is an American author and sportswriter. Mike writes sports columns for The Daily News and wrote autobiographies with Reggie Jackson and Bill Parcells. He has been a contributor to the ESPN talk show The Sports Reporters since 1988. As an author, he writes sports novels for children as well as non-fiction sports books.


Order of Dan Jenkins Books

Dan Jenkins is an American author and a sportswriter for Sports Illustrated, among many other publications. In 1985, he retired from Sports Illustrated in order to focus on writing books. He has received lifetime achievement awards from PEN/ESPN (for Literary Sports Writing) and the World Golf Hall of Fame.


Order of Football Genius Books

Football Genius is a series of young adult sports novels by American author Tim Green. The main character is Troy White, who has the unique ability to predict any game play before it happens.


Order of Tim Green Books

Tim Green is an American author of sports-themed, legal thrillers and suspense novels. Before becoming an author, Green was a linebacker and defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons. He was a first-round draft pick in 1986. He is also a sports commentator and an practicing attorney in New York.


Grisham To Release Four Novels in 2012

Written by Ella Thomson on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

With the upcoming release of Calico Joe, John Grisham is looking to release four books this year. While some have criticized Grisham for becoming too formulaic with his legal thrillers, this is a baseball book featuring a rookie named Joe Castle.


Order of Hover Car Racer Books

Hover Car Racer is a sci-fi/action/sports series by Australian author Matthew Reilly. Its main character is named Jason Chaser, who goes to Race School to participate in the 21st century sport of Hover Car Racing. Hover Car Racer reads similarly to an action movie screenplay. The series may end up on the big screen after […]