Val McDermid Gets Ink’d

Written by Brandon Williams on Saturday, December 15th, 2012

Following an appearance as a guest speaker Sunderland University lecture, a woman in a blonde wig and a trilby hat poured ink on Scottish novelist Val McDermid. “The last person in the queue had a very old copy of a non-fiction book I published back in the 1990s, then demanded I sign a Top Of […]


Val McDermid To Re-Write “Northanger Abbey”; Other Austen Re-Writes Planned

Written by Jenny Brady on Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Crime fiction novelist Val McDermid is looking to re-write the classic Jane Austen novel Northanger Abbey as part of a new series from HarperFiction. The updated edition of the novel is planned for Spring 2014. Other Jane Austen novels being re-written include Sense & Sensibility by Joanna Trollope and Pride & Prejudice by Curtis Sittenfeld.


Order of Tony Hill/Carol Jordan Books

The Tony Hill/Carol Jordan series is a series of mystery/suspense novels by Scottish novelist Val McDermid. Tony Hill is a psychologist who suffers from sexual dysfunction, while Carol Jordan is an officer who helps Tony put killers behind bars. The series was adapted into a UK television show called Wire in the Blood.


Order of Kate Brannigan Books

Kate Brannigan is a fictional character and a series of detective fiction novels by Scottish novelist Val McDermid. Kate works as a private investigator who works out of Manchester, England.


Order of Lindsay Gordon Books

Lindsay Gordon is a fictional character and a series of mystery novels by Scottish author Val McDermid. Lindsay Gordon is a freelance journalist who is a lesbian (as McDermid herself is). The series is set in Scotland.