Order of Lensman Books

Lensman by EE Doc Smith
Lensman is a series of science fiction/space opera novels by American author E.E. “Doc” Smith. Smith originally wrote six novels in the series, and followed up with a sequel in 1960 (The Vortex Blaster). William B. Ellern would later write authorized sequels to the series. (more…)


Order of E.E. “Doc” Smith Books

EE Doc Smith
Edward Elmer “Doc” Smith, Ph.D (1890-1965) was an American author of science fiction novels, and often considered the father of the space opera subgenre. In addition to being a novelist, Smith was also a food engineer. He wrote the Lensman, Skylark and Family d’Alembert series. Smith preferred to use technologies in his fiction that were feasible, saying “the more highly improbable a concept is — short of being contrary to mathematics whose fundamental operations involve no neglect of infinitesimals — the better I like it”. (more…)


Order of Animal Books

Animal by K'wan
Animal is the protagonist in a series of urban fiction novels by American author K’wan. Animal is the street name of fugitive Tayshawn Torres. Torres got the nickname of “Animal” due to how he was treated by his stepfather – kept in cages and forced to search for scraps of food. Animal will soon have to learn how to survive in the jungle, which means doing what it takes to survive. (more…)


Order of Emma Caldridge Books

Emma Caldridge by Jamie Freveletti
Emma Caldridge is the protagonist in a series of suspense/thriller novels by American novelist Jamie Freveletti. Emma Caldridge works as a biochemist. When she’s not working or acting as a heroine, Emma is also an ultramarathon runner. (more…)


Order of Jamie Freveletti Books

Jamie Freveletti
Jamie Freveletti is an American novelist of thriller novels. She writes the Emma Caldridge series and has written books in Robert Ludlum‘s Covert-One series. Besides being a novelist, Freveletti is also a trial attorney, martial artist and runner. Following law school, she studied for her International Studies diploma in Geneva, Switzerland. Jamie lives in Chicago, Illinois with her family. (more…)


Order of Frank Behr Books

Frank Behr by David Levien
Frank Behr is the protagonist in a series of detective fiction/suspense novels by American novelist David Levien. Frank Behr is an aging ex-cop standing at 6’5″ and weighing 240 lbs. Frank is still haunted by his own personal loss as he helps others find the culprits of theirs. The series is heavy on emotion. (more…)


Order of InCryptid Books

InCryptid by Seanan McGuire
InCryptid is a series of urban fantasy novels by American novelist Seanan McGuire. A “cryptid” is a creature whose existence has yet to be proven by science. The Covenant of St. George was created in order to destroy any being that was deemed “unnatural,” as in anything that was not present on the Ark. Alexander and Enid Healy have left the Covenant in order to protect the cryptids from those who plan to do unprovoked harm to them. (more…)


Order of Chrestomanci Books

Chrestomanci by Diana Wynne Jones
Chrestomanci is a series of comic children’s fantasy novels by British novelist Diana Wynne Jones. Chrestomanci is set in a multiverse that diverged at different important points in history. The title of the series comes from an office of British government that oversees the use of magic as well as Chrestomanci Castle, which is both a residence and headquarters. (more…)


Order of Diana Wynne Jones Books

Diana Wynne Jones
Diana Wynne Jones (1934-2001) was a British author of fantasy novels for both children and adults. She is the author of the Chrestomanci and Dalemark Quartet series. According to her, Diana began writing during the 1960s in order to maintain her own sanity while raising her children. She won many different awards throughout her career, including the Guardian Prize, Mythopoeic Award and the World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement. Diana was nicknamed the “Queen of the Fantastic.” (more…)


Order of Gary Grossman Books

Gary Grossman
Gary Grossman is an American author of political and geological thriller novels. He writes the Scott Roarke series. Gary is also a journalist, an Emmy Award-winning TV producer and a historian of both television and film. He has produced for NBC News, ABC, CBS NBC, Fox, PBS and numerous cable stations. Grossman earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Emerson College as well as his Master’s in Urban Affairs from Boston University. He lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife and their children. (more…)