Order of James Church Books

James Church
James Church is the pen name for an American author of detective fiction/spy thriller novels. He writes the Inspector O series. Although his true identity is not revealed, what is known about him is that he grew up in California’s San Fernando Valley and that he was born in the 1940s. During Church’s career as an intelligence officer, he spent decades in Asia, which he what he bases his fiction on. (more…)


Order of Herman Wouk Books

Herman Wouk
Herman Wouk is an American author of historical fiction novels. He joined the U.S. Navy and served in the Pacific Theater of World War II, which he bases much of his fiction on. Wouk kept a daily journal ever since 1937, which he uses for research. The U.S. Library of Congress scanned over 100 volumes of his journal into digital format; the Library of Congress then honoured Wouk with a Lifetime Achievement in the Writing of Fiction. He was also awarded a Pulitzer Prize for his novel The Caine Mutiny, which has been touted as one of the most realistic depictions of life on a U.S. ship during World war II. (more…)


Order of On Dublin Street Books

Dublin Street by Samantha Young
On Dublin Street is a series of adult contemporary romance novels and stories by Scottish novelist Samantha Young. The series follows different romances in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland. (more…)


Wait For It Review (A Great HIMYM Book)

Timing is everything – and just as I was sitting here, about to rewatch How I met Your Mother now the Season 9 DVD is being released with the alternate and clearly a million times better ending – the ECW Press Fall release schedule hit my mailbox. In it was The Legen – wait for it -dary story of How I Met Your Mother written by Jesse McLean.


I promptly requested a review copy, and have been rewatching the show while having this handy companion to HIMYM next to me. The book title is Wait For It and it is just a fantastic companion to the series. If you’re also planning to rewatch the show then stop – get this book, and have it sitting there as you watch episode after episode.

This book is just incredibly in-depth and goes through each episode. Every episode has a recap and yeah – you might have just watched the episode, but the recap is more than just a recap. It goes through the authors thoughts as he adds insightful and entertaining commentary, and it’s like watching an episode then immediately hearing someone elses views on it.

Each episode also has a neat section with fun facts. For example – it might point out a plot hole. Episode 108 Marshall says Barney would be a bad room-mate as he cookes naked, then later on it’s established that Barney never even cooks. It’s really neat to read that stuff as it’s clearly someone who has did his homework that has written this book.

That section is called Empire State Building Fun Facts and there are a lot of great ones. One thing I really liked is that the author keeps it honest – for episode 505 for example the author is open in commenting on the Canadian jokes getting stale for example.

One other thing I really liked about the book is where necessary, the author keeps it short. I’ve read these sort of books before and some of them the author just prattles on about the episode when you’re sitting there thinking “Yeah, I just watched that episode!”. However in this book the episode recaps are maybe a page, page and a quarter and it’s something that is great for quickly reading before moving onto the next episode.

Of course you don’t have to watch the show episode by episode, reading immediately after. It’s also good for a trip down memory lane. It was fun just randomly flipping through the book and reading an episode recap and picturing it in my mind. The recaps as I said are with insightful commentary as well as key quotes and are basically the opposite of dry.

The only disappointing thing about the book was that it doesn’t cover ALL episodes. For example the season 5 section covers 501, 505, 509, 511, 514, 522 and 524. It does cover the key episodes and I can understand why the author did this – it would be hard to write that much about a show with this many episodes. I guess it’s a complement really – after watching episode 5 of season 1 for example, I was anxious to get to and watch episode 8 simply so I could read the authors take on it as they skipped 6 and 7.

This is a great book for any How I Met Your Mother fan. If you’re not an HIMYM fan but have some on your christmas list, then this is the perfect gift for them.


Order of Fire Spirits Books

Fire Spirits by Samantha Young
Fire Spirits is a series of young adult urban fantasy/paranormal romance novels by Scottish author Samantha Young. Ari Johnson has seen light and dark fight for supremacy – both within her family and the boy she loves. She discovers that she is the daughter of Jinn – powerful beings of smokeless fire that she cannot escape from. (more…)


Order of Samantha Young Books

Samantha Young
Samantha Young is a Scottish author of contemporary romance, paranormal romance and fantasy novels for adults and young adults. She writes the Tales of Lunarmorte, Fire Spirits and On Dublin Street series. Samantha graduated from the University of Edinburgh and worked as a taxi dispatcher and a police administrator (briefly) before becoming an indie author. She now writes full-time. (more…)


Order of Ellie Haskell Books

Ellie Haskell by Dorothy Cannell
Ellie Haskell is the protagonist in a series of cozy mystery/romance novels by British-American novelist Dorothy Cannell. Ellie Haskell works as an interior decorator, while her husband Ben is a writer and a chef. Hyacinth and Primrose Tramwell are a pair of sisters who own the Flowers Detection Agency. (more…)


Order of Dorothy Cannell Books

Dorothy Cannell
Dorothy Cannell is an English-American author of cozy mystery novels. She writes the Ellie Haskell series. Dorothy grew up in London and moved to the United States in 1963 when she was twenty years old. Dorothy and her husband Julian have four children and ten grandchildren. They live in Belfast, Maine. (more…)


Order of Kiki Lowenstein Books

Kiki Lowenstein Scrap-N-Craft Mysteries by Joanna Campbell Slan
Kiki Lowenstein is the protagonist in a series of cozy mystery novels and stories by American author Joanna Campbell Slan. Kiki is a recently widowed mother with a young daughter who works in the Time in a Bottle scrapbooking store in St. Louis, Missouri. When bodies are found, Kiki also becomes an amateur sleuth. One of the characters in the series, Cara Mia Delgatto, has her own spin-off series. The series is also known as the Scrap-N-Craft Mysteries. (more…)


Order of Joanna Campbell Slan Books

Joanna Campbell Slan
Joanna Campbell Slan is an American author of cozy mystery novels and non-fiction books. She is best known ofr her Kiki Lowenstein Scrap-N-Craft Mysteries series. Joanna grew up in Indiana and earned her journalism degree from Ball State Universe. From there, she worked as a newspaper reporter, a newspaper ad salesperson, a television talk show host, a college teacher, a public relations professional and a motivational speaker (and was named “one of the top 25 speakers in the world” by Sharing Ideas Magazine). Joanna is married to David Slan and they live with their dogs in Jupiter Island, Florida. (more…)