OrderOfBooks.com February 2021 Mid-Month Newsletter

Hi everyone and welcome to halfway through February!


February 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to the February newsletter.


Reader Mailbag: Random Ways You Stumbled Upon A New Author

In the January 2021 Newsletter we asked our readers the most random or unique ways in which they discovered a new author. Here are the responses:


January 2021 Mid-Month Newsletter.

Hi everyone and welcome to halfway through January!


October 2020 Mid-Month Newsletter

Curse you James Patterson.


October 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to October! It’s the month of Halloween! I always like to google “best Halloween books” and pick at least one random month to read this month.


Reader Mailbag: Most Memorable Novels From Your Youth

In the September 2020 newsletter we asked readers what the most memorable novels they read while growing up. Here are the responses:


August 2020 Mid-Month Newsletter

Hi everyone. Hope you all are having a great August. Well as great as it can be anyway. I know I’m enjoying all the sports being back. It does mean a lot of extra work on my part but it’s nice having my day be completely busy and most of that from watching the likes […]


August 2020 Newsletter

Hi everyone and welcome to August. Disappointing last couple of weeks of reading for me. I only read and finished one book since the mid-month newsletter. I’ve started Dark Sacred Night by Michael Connelly however haven’t read it in a few days.


Reader Mailbag: How You Decide What Book To Read Next

In the July 2020 Newsletter I asked our readers how they decide what book or book series to read next. Here are their responses: