June 2020 Newsletter

Hi everyone and welcome to June. Hope everyone is doing well. Well, as well as anyone can be doing these days. 2020 is the year of the book lover – because I can’t think of any better time to tune the real world out and spend hours with a book.


Reader Mailbag: In Quarantine with Character of Last Book You Read

Last months topic was telling our readers they were trapped in quarantine with the character of the last book they read. We asked how they were doing. Here were the responses:


May 2020 Mid-Month Newsletter

Welcome to the third “mid-month” newsletter! Right off the bat I want to give a shoutout to Bill B. in Maui. Bill sent me a recommendation for a book last Thursday. I read the plot and it sounded right up my alley. There was no Kindle version so I ordered the paperback. It arrived Monday […]


Order of Ken Grimwood Books

Ken Grimwood was the author of the book Replay. This is one of the greatest books ever, and you should drop everything and go read it. Don’t just take my advice on it – it was a nominee for Best Book in the 1988 Arthur C. Clarke Awards, and WON the Best Novel at the […]


May 2020 Newsletter

Hi everyone and welcome to May.


Reader Mailbag: Share Your Book Collections

In the April 2020 newsletter, I asked readers to share pictures of their book collections. We got some amazing responses and it was really cool seeing everyones book collections.


April 2020 Mid-Month Newsletter

Welcome to the second “mid-month” newsletter! I published a special mid-month newsletter in March, with a lot of reader suggestions on book series to get stuck into during isolation/quarantine. It ended up being a big success, with many of you saying you’d love to hear from me twice a month as opposed to just once […]


April 2020 Newsletter

Hi everyone and welcome to April. I think the worst thing about the family being stuck at home is it allowed my 13 year old daughter to plan out more April Fools pranks than usual this year. Clingfilm on the toilet bowl. Chicken bullion cube hidden in the shower. Red food dye hidden on my […]


Reader Mailbag: Best Author of Secondary Characters

In the March newsletter we asked our readers who the best author of secondary characters is. Here were their responses: