August 2020 Newsletter

Hi everyone and welcome to August. Disappointing last couple of weeks of reading for me. I only read and finished one book since the mid-month newsletter. I’ve started Dark Sacred Night by Michael Connelly however haven’t read it in a few days.


Reader Mailbag: How You Decide What Book To Read Next

In the July 2020 Newsletter I asked our readers how they decide what book or book series to read next. Here are their responses:


Order of Liz Fenton / Lisa Steinke Books

Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke are a writing duo who grew up as best friends and started writing books together. They initially wrote books in the romantic suspense genre although over the years have gravitated to psychological thrillers.


July 2020 Mid-Month Newsletter

Welcome to the “mid-month” newsletter! I mentioned a couple of newsletters ago that we are doing a big database overhaul on the website. One aspect of that is better geo-targeting. For example if you click the links beside the book titles, it should take you to the Amazon for your region if applicable. In the […]


July 2020 Newsletter

Hi everyone and welcome to July. I’m getting to the end of my read-through of every book written by Michael Connelly and I have to ask – why the heck did no-one ever contact me about creating a “Bosch Universe” listing?


Reader Mailbag: How Do You Read?

In the June newsletter I asked everyone how they are currently reading books – especially during current life circumstances. As I know so many people are reliant on public libraries Here are the responses:


June 2020 Mid-Month Newsletter

Welcome to the “mid-month” newsletter! I haven’t read too much since you last heard from me at the beginning of the month. Unfortunately I have to blame that on The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, the new book in the Hunger Games series.


June 2020 Newsletter

Hi everyone and welcome to June. Hope everyone is doing well. Well, as well as anyone can be doing these days. 2020 is the year of the book lover – because I can’t think of any better time to tune the real world out and spend hours with a book.


Reader Mailbag: In Quarantine with Character of Last Book You Read

Last months topic was telling our readers they were trapped in quarantine with the character of the last book they read. We asked how they were doing. Here were the responses:


May 2020 Mid-Month Newsletter

Welcome to the third “mid-month” newsletter! Right off the bat I want to give a shoutout to Bill B. in Maui. Bill sent me a recommendation for a book last Thursday. I read the plot and it sounded right up my alley. There was no Kindle version so I ordered the paperback. It arrived Monday […]