Aidan Conway is an English author of the hit book A Known Evil, which is the first book in the Detective Michael Rossi series of books. That book has drawn him comparisons to the great Ian Rankin and he is considered an author to watch going forward.

Born in Birmingham to Irish parents, Conway loved Irish writing and would eventually earn his MA in Irish Writing from Queen’s University Belfast. After growing up in England and attending college in Ireland, Conway would move again to Italy in 2001. He currently works as an assistant university lecturer in Rome in addition to his work as a novelist.

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A Known Evil is the first book in the Michael Rossi. This book sees Rome on lockdown as a serial killer named The Carpenter is rocking the city. The latest murder featured a woman with a note nailed to her chest and tensions are high. Detective Rossi is on the case with his partner Carrara, but when someone close to Rossi is attacked; the case takes on a new importance and he’ll stop at nothing to catch The Carpenter before they can hurt anyone else.

Rossi and Carrara return in A Cold Flame. In this one, a flat is burned with five illegal immigrants trapped inside. Rossi and Carrara begin their investigation when a terrorist organization threatens Rome’s safety. A priest is murdered in a possibly satanic way. There is a lot going on and all the violence is leading Rome to it’s breaking point. The pattern of violence is seemingly being directed by one ruthless killer, can Rossi and Carrara find him before Rome burns? The fast pacing of the plot does not let up and make this book a big time page turner.

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