Allan W. Eckert (1931-2011) was an American author of historical fiction, children’s novels and non-fiction books. Seven of his books were nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. He began writing about nature and American history when he was only 13 years old.

Allan W. Eckert became a published author in 1963 with The Great Auk. His final book was The Infinite Dream, published in 2011. Below is a list of Allan W. Eckert’s books in order of when they were first released (and in chronological order when necessary):

Publication Order of Hawk's Hill Books

Incident at Hawk's Hill (1971)Description / Buy at
Return to Hawk's Hill (1998)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Mesmerian Annals Books

The Dark Green Tunnel (1984)Description / Buy at
The Wand (1985)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Allan W. Eckert Standalone Novels

The Last Great Auk (1963)Description / Buy at
Wild Season (1967)Description / Buy at
Bayou Backwaters (1967)Description / Buy at
The Crossbreed (1968)Description / Buy at
The Dreaming Tree (1968)Description / Buy at
The King Snake (1968)Description / Buy at
Blue Jacket (1968)Description / Buy at
In search of a Whale (1970)Description / Buy at
The Court-Martial of Daniel Boone (1973)Description / Buy at
The HAB Theory (1976)Description / Buy at
Savage Journey (1979)Description / Buy at
Song of the Wild (1980)Description / Buy at
Johnny Logan (1983)Description / Buy at
The Scarlet Mansion (1985)Description / Buy at
That Dark and Bloody River (1995)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Allan W. Eckert Standalone Plays

Publication Order of Winning of America/Narratives of America Books

Twilight of Empire (1967)Description / Buy at
The Frontiersmen (1967)Description / Buy at
Wilderness Empire (1969)Description / Buy at
The Conquerors (1971)Description / Buy at
The Wilderness War (1978)Description / Buy at
Gateway to Empire (1984)Description / Buy at

Chronological Order of Winning of America/Narratives of America Books

The Frontiersmen(1967)Description / Buy at
Wilderness Empire(1969)Description / Buy at
The Conquerors(1971)Description / Buy at
The Wilderness War(1978)Description / Buy at
Gateway to Empire(1984)Description / Buy at
Twilight of Empire(1967)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Earth Treasures Non-Fiction Books

The Northeastern Quadrant (1985)Description / Buy at
The Southeastern Quadrant (1985)Description / Buy at
The Northwestern Quadrant (1986)Description / Buy at
The Southwestern Quadrant (1987)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Allan W. Eckert Non-Fiction Books

A Time of Terror (1965)Description / Buy at
Owls of North America (1973)Description / Buy at
The Wading Birds of North America (1978)Description / Buy at
Whattizit? Nature Pun Quizzes (1981)Description / Buy at
A Sorrow in Our Heart (1992)Description / Buy at
The World of Opals (1997)Description / Buy at
The Silent Sky (2000)Description / Buy at
Dark Journey (2009)Description / Buy at
The Infinite Dream (2011)Description / Buy at

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  1. Donna Lee Daniels: 1 year ago

    I just wish I could thank him for all the research he did and for sharing it. ❤


  2. Mrs. Jack Thurman: 8 years ago

    I first purchased Mr. Eckert’s books for my husband, Jack, who loved the outdoors so and also, history of the same. When he died, I then decided to delve into these books myself. In doing so, I found each one I read to be a “page turner” and was unable to put it down. How would I recommend Eckert’s book to anyone? I would say you must have a love of history and want to fully know how our country was settled. No more can I say that this except this author is unequaled in his writing! Sabate!!


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