Benjamin Stevenson is an Australian author of mystery novels. He is also a stand-up comedian. His debut novel, Greenlight, earned a spot on the shortlist for the prestigious Ned Kelly Award for Best Debut Crime Fiction. Following this success, his second novel, Either Side of Midnight, garnered recognition with a nomination for the International Thriller Writers Award for Best Original Paperback. Benjamin’s comedic talents have captivated audiences worldwide, with sold-out performances spanning from the Melbourne International Comedy Festival to the renowned Edinburgh Festival Fringe. His charismatic presence has graced screens on ABC TV, Channel 10, and The Comedy Channel, solidifying his status as a multifaceted entertainer.

Benjamin Stevenson made his debut as a novelist in 2018 with Greenlight (aka Trust Me When I Lie / She Lies in the Vines). Below is a list of Benjamin Stevenson’s books in order of when they were originally published:

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Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone (2022)Description / Buy at
Everyone on This Train is a Suspect (2023)Description / Buy at
Everyone This Christmas Has a Secret (2024)Description / Buy at

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Trust Me When I Lie / She Lies in the Vines / Greenlight (2018)Description / Buy at
Either Side of Midnight (2020)Description / Buy at

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Benjamin Stevenson Synopsis: Trust Me When I Lie by Benjamin Stevenson is a gripping mystery novel that follows producer Jack Quick as he navigates the aftermath of his true crime docuseries about Curtis Wade, a man convicted of murder. Despite doubts about Curtis’s innocence, Jack’s series leads to a retrial and Curtis’s release. However, when another victim is found dead, Jack returns to the vineyard town where it all began to uncover the truth. As he delves deeper into the case, Jack realizes that he holds the key to setting things right and bringing the real killer to justice.

Benjamin Stevenson Reviews: I thoroughly enjoyed Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone by Benjamin Stevenson. It’s a captivating and engaging read, with a writing style that feels like having a conversation with the narrator. The plot is well-crafted, with a perfect balance of suspense and intrigue. I appreciated the complexity of the mystery and how it unraveled gradually, keeping me hooked until the big reveal. Overall, this book is fantastic and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a thrilling read. -R.

The title of Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone initially intrigued me, sparking my curiosity about the direction of the story. Despite some promising reviews, I approached the book with cautious optimism, expecting at least some amusement.

Unfortunately, my experience with the book fell short of expectations. Contrary to the anticipated humor, I found myself disappointed and unable to connect with the story. While the premise was intriguing, the execution left much to be desired. Additionally, the narration style, though perhaps intended to be humorous, did not resonate with me and detracted from my overall enjoyment of the book. -Chris

After devouring Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone in just a few hours due to its captivating nature, I eagerly picked up Benjamin Stevenson’s follow-up. To my delight, it proved just as enthralling as the first installment, keeping me engrossed from start to finish. -Kate

Either Side of Midnight is another compelling crime thriller by Benjamin Stevenson, continuing the Jack Quinn series with its second installment. Delving into a murder investigation disguised as a suicide, the novel presents an intriguing mystery to unravel. Fans of Stevenson’s previous work, Greenlight, will appreciate the continuation of the storyline, with this sequel picking up several months later. You should definitely read Greenlight before diving into this latest Jack Quinn novel. Either Side of Midnight proves to be a successful sequel, delivering another gripping chapter in this outstanding Australian crime drama. I highly recommend it and award it five stars. -Mike

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