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Beth Amos is an American author of mystery, thriller and suspense novels. She writes the Mattie Winston series (as Annelise Ryan), the Mac’s Bar Mysteries series (as Allyson K. Abbott) and several standalone novels under her real name. In real life, Beth is an emergency room registered nurse in Wisconsin. Therefore, she decided to start using pen names because she thought her patients might raise an eyebrow when they read how she was coming up with creative ways to “off” people.

Beth Amos became a published novelist in 1996 with the novel Cold White Fury. Below is a list of Beth Amos’ books in order of when they were originally released:

Publication Order of Mattie Winston Mysteries Books

(as Annelise Ryan)

Working Stiff (2009)Amazon UK |
Scared Stiff (2010)Amazon UK |
Frozen Stiff (2011)Amazon UK |
Lucky Stiff (2013)Amazon UK |
Board Stiff (2014)Amazon UK |
Stiff Penalty (2015)Amazon UK |
Stiff Competition (2016)Amazon UK |
Dead in the Water (2017)Amazon UK |
Dead Calm (2019)Amazon UK |
Dead of Winter (2020)Amazon UK |
Dead Ringer (2020)Amazon UK |
Dead Even (2021)Amazon UK |

Publication Order of A Helping Hands Mystery Books

(as Annelise Ryan)

Needled to Death (2019)Amazon UK |
Night Shift (2020)Amazon UK |

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Cold White Fury (1996)Amazon UK |
Eyes of Night (1997)Amazon UK |
Second Sight (1998)Amazon UK |
Nick of Time (2013)Amazon UK |
The Face of Death (2013)Amazon UK |

Publication Order of Mack's Bar Mystery Books

(as Allyson Abbott)

Murder on the Rocks (2013)Amazon UK |
Murder with a Twist (2014)Amazon UK |
In the Drink (2015)Amazon UK |
Shots in the Dark (2016)Amazon UK |
A Toast to Murder (2017)Amazon UK |
Last Call (2018)Amazon UK |

Notes: The Mattie Winston series and the Helping Hands Mysteries series are written as Annelise Ryan. The Mac’s Bar Mysteries series is written as Allyson K. Abbott. Working Stiff was originally published as The Vicarious Liver (as by Beth Amos).

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Beth Amos Synopsis: In Cold White Fury by Beth Amos (the author’s debut novel), Jennifer Bolton worries about her son’s safety once she comes to discover that he can hear voices and predict the future. Even more, she also comes to learn that millions of people’s lives depend on him.

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      You should have visited this page earlier!


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