Bruce Macbain is an author of historical fiction and mystery novels. Bruce has been reading history and historical fiction since he was a boy. He has always been interested in Greek and Roman history, which led to him earning his Master’s degree in Classical Studies and his doctorate in Ancient History. He taught courses on Greek and Roman civilization at Vanderbilt University and Boston University. In his spare time, Bruce cooks spicy food in the kitchen.

Bruce Macbain made his debut as a novelist in 2010 with the novel Roman Games. Below is a list of Bruce Macbain’s books in order of when they were originally published:

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Publication Order of Plinius Secundus Mystery Books

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Bruce Macbain Synopsis: Roman Games is the first Plinius Secundus novel by Bruce Macbain. When the body of Sextus Verpa, a notorious senatorial informer and libertine, is found stabbed to death in his bedroom, suspicion falls on his household slaves – a potential death sentence for all. The cruel emperor, Domitian, orders Gaius Plinius Caecilius Secundus – known to history as Pliny the Younger – to investigate. However, the Ludi Romani (the Roman Games) have just begun, and for the next fifteen days the law courts are in recess. If Pliny is unable to identify the murderer by that time, Verpa’s entire slave household will be burned alive in the arena. Pliny teams up with Martial, a starving author of bawdy verses and hanger-on to the city’s glitterati, to unravel a plot that involves Jewish and Christian “atheists,” exotic Egyptian cultists, Rome’s own pantheon of gods, and a missing horoscope that forecasts the emperor’s death…

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