Cara Reinard is an American author best known for writing the domestic suspense thriller, Sweet Water.

Reinard was raised by a single mother in a small town north of Sewickley, Pennsylvania, one of the most exclusive areas in the whole state. The area was out of reach for her growing up, but it was never far from her from her mind. The area would come back to her in Sweet Water as there was a house in town that inspired the home in that novel. The real home was owned by a steel mogul named B.F. Jones. Cara now lives in Pennsylvania and is married with two children.

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In Sweet Water, Sarah is married and living her dream life. She is married to her childhood sweetheart, Martin, and the two have a son named Finn. The family lives in an exclusive neighborhood in a massive and historic mansion. Their life is going great until the day that Finn calls them in a panic. The couple rush to their son only to find him in the woods with his dead girlfriend by his side. The two will do whatever it takes to protect their son and make the decision not to report this to the police. Martin’s family helps with the cover-up and Sarah realizes just how cold-blooded they can be. This leads her to questioning a lot more about her family, including her son and their home.

Cara is also the author of Pretty Dolls and Hand Grenades. This book sees a housewife named Cece who can be a bit obsessive. She has an intense doll collection that takes up a lot of her time. However, when she catches her husband misbehaving she finds a new obsession: making him pay.

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