Carmen Caine is an author of urban fantasy and historical romance novels. She writes the Cassidy Edwards series. She also writes as Madison Adler. Aside from being a novelist, Carmen also works as a software engineer. When she’s not writing or working, she spends her time taking her kids to various appointments, writing lyrics for her husband’s songs, or taking care of her numerous animals.

Carmen Caine made her debut as a novelist in 2011, having three different novels published that year. Below is a list of Carmen Caine’s books in order of when they were originally released:

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Publication Order of Cassidy Edwards Books

Publication Order of Glass Wall Books

The Glass Wall (2011)Description / Buy at
The Brotherhood of the Snake (2012)Description / Buy at
The Inner Circle (2014)Description / Buy at
The Egg (2014)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Heather House Books

Witch of the Moors (2015)Description / Buy at
The Witch of Threadneedle Street (2018)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Highland Heather and Hearts Scottish Romance Books

The Kindling Heart (2011)Description / Buy at
The Bedeviled Heart (2011)Description / Buy at
The Daring Heart (2013)Description / Buy at
The Bold Heart (2014)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of The Marriage Maker Books

Worth of a Lady (By: Sue-Ellen Welfonder,Tarah Scott) (2017)Description / Buy at
The Marriage Wager (By: Sue-Ellen Welfonder,Tarah Scott) (2017)Description / Buy at
A Lady by Chance (By: Sue-Ellen Welfonder,Tarah Scott) (2017)Description / Buy at
How to Catch an Heiress (By: Sue-Ellen Welfonder,Tarah Scott) (2017)Description / Buy at
One Good Gentleman (By: Sue-Ellen Welfonder,Summer Hanford,Tarah Scott) (2017)Description / Buy at
Shameless (With: Sue-Ellen Welfonder,Tarah Scott,Erin Rye) (2017)Description / Buy at
Redemption of a Marquess (By: Tarah Scott) (2017)Description / Buy at
A Scoundrel in the Making (By: Tarah Scott) (2018)Description / Buy at
Her Wicked Highland Spy (With: Erin Rye) (2018)Description / Buy at
My Lady of Danger (By: Summer Hanford) (2018)Description / Buy at
A Most Unusual Scandal (By: Erin Rye) (2018)Description / Buy at
A Lady's Book of Love (By: Louisa Cornell) (2018)Description / Buy at
Brazen (By: Tarah Scott) (2018)Description / Buy at
Bewitching the Earl (By: Lauren Smith) (2018)Description / Buy at
The Marriage Obligation (By: Susana Ellis) (2018)Description / Buy at
Rake Ruiner (By: Summer Hanford) (2018)Description / Buy at
Marrying the Belle of Edinburgh (By: Lisa Boero) (2018)Description / Buy at
Widow's Treasure (By: Mary Lancaster) (2018)Description / Buy at
Seduction of a Widow (By: Tarah Scott,Laura Chandler) (2018)Description / Buy at
The Maid of Inverness (By: Rose Fairbanks) (2018)Description / Buy at
Dreaming of a Gentleman (By: Summer Hanford) (2018)Description / Buy at
Reckless Desire (By: Tarah Scott) (2018)Description / Buy at
Rules of Refinement (By: Summer Hanford,Tarah Scott,Erin Rye) (2018)Description / Buy at
A Heart Worth Loving (By: Tarah Scott) (2018)Description / Buy at
A Scoundrel's Promise (By: Tarah Scott) (2019)Description / Buy at
A Match Made in the Highlands (By: Lana Williams) (2019)Description / Buy at
His Sweet Hellion (By: Tarah Scott) (2019)Description / Buy at
The Marriage Maker and the Widows (By: Mary Lancaster) (2019)Description / Buy at
My Lady My Siren (By: Summer Hanford) (2019)Description / Buy at
His Temptress, His Torment (By: Louisa Cornell) (2019)Description / Buy at
Her Unrepentant Rogue (By: Louisa Cornell) (2019)Description / Buy at
Not Another Nob (By: Annabelle Anders) (2019)Description / Buy at
The Beasts of Blackstone Abbey (By: Lana Williams,Tarah Scott) (2019)Description / Buy at
A Rose in Disguise (By: Susana Ellis,Tarah Scott) (2020)Description / Buy at
Music on the Waters (By: Caroline Warfield) (2020)Description / Buy at
Beautiful Beast (By: Pearl Darling) (2020)Description / Buy at
His Imaginary Courtship (By: Summer Hanford) (2020)Description / Buy at
A Study in Passion (By: Louisa Cornell) (2020)Description / Buy at

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Carmen Caine Synopsis: The Glass Wall is the first book in the Glass Wall series by Carmen Caine. Seventeen-year-old Sydney’s only interest in life is flying under the radar. But destiny has other plans when the tall, handsome, and unusual Rafael Channing moves into the neighborhood. Athletic and with looks to die for, he wears black eyeliner like a magician and speaks like a hero from a 17th-century novel. What starts out as a light-hearted investigation with her gadget-happy foster dad takes a serious turn when she discovers that Rafael isn’t human. Add Jareth, the country’s latest rock sensation, into the mix and Sydney is swept into a mysterious world of Tulpas, the Fae, and the Brotherhood of the Snake. Sydney doesn’t know she’s a Blue Thread of Fate. She doesn’t know the fate of humanity depends on her choice of whom to trust – Jareth or Rafael. And she certainly doesn’t know that she’s taken the first step on the unexpected path of love.

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