Charles Martin is an American author perhaps best known for The Mountain Between Us which was made into a major motion picture by FOX studios, starring Kate Winslet and Idris Elba.

After graduating college, Martin couldn’t find a job and ended up taking a job with his brother-in-law selling insurance. He was very successful, going so far as to get offered a six-figure salary at a Fortune 500 company as Vice President, but he turned it down in hopes of selling his first novel. That book would become The Dead Don’t Dance.

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Charles Martin’s first book, The Dead Don’t Dance is quite the emotional rollercoaster. A story of a young man named Dylan Styles who is expecting his first child with his wife Maggie. They are in love at the end of summer and everything is great in their lives. When tragedy strikes, Dylan falls apart and it’s up to him and his faith to snap him out of it, to start living his life again. Will he give up? Or will he be able to become the man that he was before all this happened?

The Mountain Between Us has gotten a second life since the release of the movie and it’s popularity has grown immensely. This book sees Dr. Ben Payne traveling back to Florida to perform a surgery and Ashley Knox heading east for her wedding. Their paths cross when their flight is canceled due to an upcoming storm. They both have places they need to be and Dr. Payne charters a plane for himself, giving the extra seat to Ashley. His seemingly good deed turns tragic though when the plane ends up going down in the High Uintas Wilderness. It’s up to them to survive and find their way home while getting to know each other along the way.

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  1. Betty Talbot: 4 years ago

    Hi Charles, I have never read any of your books, but just finished”Long Way Gone”. I have a grandson who is so loved by my family. His name is Brendon, and wandered away from God while in college. As a young boy around 12, I used to have a nursing home ministry. Brendon would offer to go with me, to read the scriptures I taught on. He came from a solid Christian family, attended Christian School, Church every Sunday, but tended to lie and was prideful, got addicted to Porn on the internet, etc. He says he doesn’t believe in God now. But God gave me the word, where Jesus left the 99 and went after to 1 sheep who wandered away, and put him on his shoulders and brought him home. Also the Luke 15 story.
    Thank you so much for encouraging this Nana to keep praying for him and keep believing in God’s love and faithfulness and forgiveness! I now will now recommend this book to all those who are praying for their Prodigal.
    Please don’t stop writing, I will now read the rest of your books!
    Blessings of Encouragement in whatever you need, may you reap what you have sown. Betty Talbot, Minneapolis, MN


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