Chris Ould is a British author best known for writing the Faroes series of books.

Chris published his first novel in the 1980s before moving into the world of television. He was a BAFTA award winning writer for the crime series The Bill and enjoyed a fruitful career in that line of work, writing over eighty hours of television programs. Chris returned to the world of writing with the release of two YA books before turning to the Faroes series, beginning with The Blood Strand.

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The Blood Strand is the first book in the Faroes series. The book sees Jan Reyna, a British police detective, who grew up in the Faroes but has long since returned. He is drawn back to the now foreign islands when his estranged father is found unconscious with a shotgun and someone else’s blood beside him. When a man’s body washes up on the beach, the obvious assumption is to look towards Jan’s father. Now, Jan will search for answers with the local detective Hjalti Hentze. As they investigate, Reyna learns more about his family and the truth besides his own mother’s flight from the Faroes. The search has him considering leaving the islands for good.

The series continues with The Killing Bay. This story sees a group of international activists heading to the Faroe Islands as they hope to stop the whale hunting that goes on. Tensions between the locals and the protestors is high and then gets even higher when a woman is found murdered. The evidence seems to point to this crime being done to make matters escalate between the two sides. Reyna and Hentze investigate this one and soon learn that there is much more to this murder than the protests.

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