Christopher Newman is an American author best know for his Lt. Joe Dante series of novels.

Born in San Francisco, Newman grew up in the Silicon Valley before attending UC-Santa Cruz and later heading off the Birmingham University in England. Newman traveled across Europe and Asia, and even worked on a super-tanker in the Persian Gulf. Upon his return to the states he’d spend time in California before heading to New York City where he conceived the character of Joe Dante and wrote his first novel starring the character.

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The first book in the Joe Dante series is called Mid-Town South. A leather-clad wealthy man has a sick obsession, brutally murdering prostitutes. The killer is one the loose and it’s up to Joe Dante, fresh off five years working undercover in the city’s drug culture, and Rosa Losada, a a by-the-book detective. Dante is hoping to adjust to a more normal life of working in a precinct, but working in the Times Square part of the busiest city in the world was never going to be easy and never going to be quiet. The two must band together to stop a potential serial killer.

Sixth Precinct is the second book in the series and sees Joe Dante investigating the grisly murder of a millionaire art collector. Not only did the killer slash their victim, they also slashed the priceless works of art, and left vicious epithets on the walls using the victim’s blood. Joe Dante is on the case and just when he thinks he’s getting close to solving the crime, an even more strange and crazy murder comes across his desk that forces him to question everything he knows. This is the last case a detective wants, but Joe Dante has it anyway.

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