Cinda Williams Chima is an American novelist of YA contemporary fantasy. Cinda started writing when she was in high school, but stopped in order to focus on college. After receiving her master’s, she worked as a clinical dietitian in Cleveland. She wouldn’t resume writing until her sons were teenagers. She is the author of The Heir Chronicles and the Seven Realms series. Much of her writing is influenced by her grandmother, who was a fortune teller, as well as Celtic beliefs.

Cinda Williams Chima became a published author in 2006 with the novel The Warrior Heir. Below is a list of Cinda Williams Chima’s books in order of when they were originally published:

Publication Order of The Heir Chronicles Books

The Warrior Heir (2006)Amazon UK |
The Wizard Heir (2007)Amazon UK |
The Dragon Heir (2008)Amazon UK |
The Enchanter Heir (2013)Amazon UK |
The Sorcerer Heir (2014)Amazon UK |

Publication Order of Seven Realms Books

The Demon King (2009)Amazon UK |
The Exiled Queen (2010)Amazon UK |
The Gray Wolf Throne (2011)Amazon UK |
The Crimson Crown (2012)Amazon UK |

Publication Order of Shattered Realms Books

Flamecaster (2016)Amazon UK |
Shadowcaster (2017)Amazon UK |
Stormcaster (2018)Amazon UK |
Deathcaster (2019)Amazon UK |

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