D. Levesque is an author of GameLit novels. He writes the Elemental Summoner, Sigma Worlds, and several other series. Levesque read the Lord of the Rings books by J.R.R. Tolkien as a child and became hooked on science fiction and fantasy ever since. He is also an avid gamer who fondly recalls playing Pit Fighter and Trade Wars on a BBS. He also enjoys anime and manga.

D. Levesque made his debut as a novelist in 2020 with Destiny’s Champions, which launched his Sigma Worlds series. Below is a list of D. Levesque’s books in order of when they were first released:

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Publication Order of Demon Mage Books

Publication Order of Doomsday System Books

The Broken Battlemage (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon.com

Publication Order of Dragon Cultivator Books

Dragon Cultivator (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon.com

Publication Order of Elemental Summoner Books

Elemental Summoner 1 (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Elemental Summoner 2 (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Elemental Summoner 3 (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Elemental Summoner 4 (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Elemental Summoner 5 (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Elemental Summoner 6 (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon.com

Publication Order of M.A.G.I Hunters Books

M.A.G.I Hunters 1 (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
M.A.G.I Hunters 2 (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
M.A.G.I Hunters 3 (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon.com

Publication Order of Monster Acadamia Books

Monster Acadamia 1 (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Monster Acadamia 2 (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Monster Acadamia 3 (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon.com

Publication Order of My Secret Portal to A Fantasy World Books

My Secret Portal to A Fantasy World Book 1 (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
My Secret Portal to a Fantasy World Book 2 (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
My Secret Portal to a Fantasy World Book 3 (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon.com

Publication Order of Nano Mage Books

Publication Order of Reluctant Superhero Books

The Reluctant Superhero Book 1 (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
The Reluctant Superhero Book 2 (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon.com

Publication Order of Sigma Worlds Books

Destiny's Champions (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
The God Spark (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Phoenix's Flame (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Athena's Sanctuary (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
God's Choice (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Prime Numbers (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon.com

Publication Order of Silver Magi Books

Publication Order of Anthologies

Dukes of Harem Anthology(2021)Description / Buy at Amazon.com

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D. Levesque Synopses: In Silver Magi 1 by D. Levesque, Brandon’s ordinary life takes a bewildering turn on the fateful night he becomes the target of a gunshot attack outside his office building. But this unsettling revelation is just the beginning, as he swiftly uncovers the astonishing reality that mythical beings such as Elves, Vampires, and Werewolves are far from mere legends. Guided by the enigmatic trio of alluring paranormal women—Silvana, Lina, and Johanne—Brandon finds himself embarking on an unprecedented odyssey.

In a whirlwind of events, he’s thrust into a rigorous training regimen, shaped to mold him into a skilled warrior. This preparation is not for a trivial conflict, but for an impending battle with cataclysmic potential—a confrontation that threatens not only Earth but also countless lives spanning the universe. An ancient malevolence, once banished to the depths of time, has been reawakened and is steadily amassing power. As its ominous presence grows stronger, Brandon is confronted with an urgent mission.

In Demon Lover 1 by D. Levesque, Brian, an avid lover of books, always sought refuge in the musty corners of bookstores and the aroma of worn pages. While his preference leaned towards contemporary fiction, he couldn’t resist the magnetic pull of old-fashioned shops brimming with tales of eras long past. Destiny took a hand during one of his visits when an apparently ordinary book slipped from a shelf, grazed him, and incurred slight damage.

The shop proprietor insisted that he buy the book, demanding a price that left Brian dumbfounded. Little did he comprehend, this was no typical volume—it happened to be a forgotten grimoire, a potent artifact with the ability to conjure demons.

During a late hour, engrossed in the enigmatic text, Brian unintentionally beckoned forth an Imp. The creature, arrogant and rebellious, considered itself superior to Brian due to its previous role as an assistant to a mighty Demon Lord over five millennia ago.

Reluctantly, the Imp assisted Brian in summoning his inaugural Succubus, marking a pivotal juncture in his life. Soon, he found himself plunged into a concealed realm of Demon Mages, all competing for control of the grimoire and its immense power. However, his expectations of a compliant and alluring demoness were shattered when he realized that her nature was, to put it mildly, unconventional.

Thrust into a domain of alluring demons and perilous adversaries, Brian must navigate this hazardous terrain, uncertain whether this new reality will lead to prosperity or downfall. One certainty remained—life was irrevocably altered.

Dragon Cultivator 1 is the first book in the Dragon Cultivator series by D. Levesque. What does an individual with knowledge of the Magical realm do when the rest of humanity remains oblivious? Precisely nothing, for the incredulous disbelief of others would be inevitable. Sean’s life took a dramatic turn during childhood when his parents perished in a clash between the enigmatic Organization and the enigmatic Werefolk. A Werefolk family extended their care to him, unveiling the existence of the Magical community—vampires, Elves, and Werewolves—since his tender years.

This era ceased when Sean’s adoptive family relocated to Sanctuary, the domain of the Werefolk. Consequently, he found himself straddling two realities but confined to exist solely within the human world.

However, destiny had more in store for him. A pivotal day arrived when an irresistible proposition emerged.

An offer that he hesitates to accept, yet doesn’t truly wish to decline.

The enigmatic Brandon, renowned as the Silver Magi, bequeaths Sean with an extraordinary endowment. Brandon, embarking on a significant expedition to forge ties with the Portals, now holds access beyond the boundaries of the human realm, embracing vampires, Elves, Werefolk, and more.

Brandon sought a guardian for these four races, and Sean was his chosen sentinel. Through a transformative bite, Sean gains not just entry to Magic but also an array of unprecedented abilities, along with a newfound alliance with a Dragon and two captivating women.

Embark on Sean’s journey as he confronts the Organization, the enigmatic Void, and an unforeseen adversary that eluded the notice of the Silver Magi and Camp X.

In Elemental Summoner 1 by D. Levesque, Alex was comfortably entrenched in his own world—grinding away as a convenience store clerk, trading his time for games and books. At the age of 26, he was reveling in the solitary life of a recluse. Yet, the trajectory of his existence took a drastic turn when a bullet tore through his skull. The catch: that day wasn’t meant to be his last. Every individual has an appointed hour for their demise, and that wasn’t supposed to be Alex’s designated moment. In response, a divine choice was presented to him.

Alternative 1: An exchange of souls. He could seize the life destined to cease that day, embody that individual, and relinquish his identity as “Alex.” Alternatively, there was Option 2: Continue as Alex and traverse into a realm where magic was tangible—a place where God would grant him the means to survive. With his fervent adoration for fantasy akin to that of an addict, Alex chose Option 2. In response, God hurled him through an obsidian portal. Transposed onto a new plane, Alex soon realized that the bestowed tools included the mastery of all five Elemental magics: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Mind.

An intriguing twist? These powers appeared to respond to the English language. As Alex found himself in an enthralling escapade, playfully dubbing himself “The Elemental Summoner,” he remained unaware that this title struck fear into the hearts of all within the realm of Boromour. Eons separated each occurrence, but once every millennium, an Elemental Summoner emerged. They possessed command over all five Elemental magics and, usually, left a trail of destruction in their relentless pursuit of power. However, for Alex, the power he wielded was altering his very essence.

Amidst his journey, Alex encounters enchanting and potent monster girls—individuals who wield their own authority. These characters may hold the potential to temper his burgeoning might, preventing it from devolving into malevolence.

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