Daniel Nieh is an American author who debuted in 2019 with his first novel, Beijing Payback. The idea for the book came to Nieh when he was living in Beijing in 2008-2009 and working as a model.

Nieh lives in Portland, Oregon where in addition to his work as a writer, he works as a Chinese-English translator and a professional model. Working as a freelance translator and interpreter brought him to China where he was discovered as a model so that trip turned out to be rather trans formative for his life as he gained that career and came up with the idea for his first novel. Traveling is a big part of Nieh’s life as he has lived in China, Japan, the United Kingdom, and even moved to Mexico to research the next book in the Victor Li series.

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Victor Li is a college basketball player who has just lost his father in the opening pages of Beijing Payback. His father was murdered and Victor is shocked to find that his father wasn’t the restaurateur that he always thought he was, but that he had a second secret life where he was part of a vast international crime syndicate that formed in China. Victor decides to travel to Beijing where he immerses himself in his father’s secret life. He’ll confront some of his father’s decade old grudges and get into some violent situations. It is here that he finds out what the criminal organization had in mind and what it is that his father stood up against that got him killed. Despite the risk to his own safety, Victor will seek to stand up to the criminal organization and finish the job that his father started before he was killed.

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