Helen H. Durrant is a British author who sets her novels in the area she has lived for many years, the towns and villages that sit in the shelter of the Pennine hills. The area offers an interesting mix of the industrial and the countryside and makes for a great setting for a crime novel.

Durrant had always wanted to write crime novels, but her career was constantly getting in the way. When she retired form her full-time work at a further education college, she knew that there were no longer any excuses and it was time to write her crime novels. Since then she hasn’t stopped writing as she now writes full-time.

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Two Victims is a gripping crime novel by Durrant that features Detective Rachel King. She has two victims to deal with in her latest case. A local nurse was found dead and a friend of the victim made contact, but then also went missing. King fears that she may have a serial killer on her hands. The answer may have something to do with what Agnes, the nurse, was doing to help local girls. Making matters worse, Rachel’s former lover Jed has come back into the picture and he has a connection to the victims. King will need to act fast to find the killer before they strike again.

Another good mystery by Durrant is Dead Guilty. This book sees Detectives Calladine and Bayliss on the hunt for a missing child. The child belongs to a local factory owner and his wife, they are well off in a town that is in the midst of a class struggle. There have been a series of break-ins and plenty of drugs, and the investigation keeps leading to a figure called “Street”. They believe that Street may have something to do with the missing child and set out to find him before it’s too late for young Sophie Adler.

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  1. Jenny: 2 years ago

    I have read your Stephen Greco books 1 to4 and loved them, hope there will be some more.
    I have also read your Racheal King books 1 to 5 and again loved them and wait in anticipation for any more to be published.
    I have not read your Matt Brindle books I only have two and look forward to reading them.
    Your Lennox and Wilde I have not made up my mind on these books yet.
    But I have ordered Alice Rossi book and look forward to getting the book.
    I have read books 1 to 11 of the Calladine and Bayliss and again I am hoping that there are more to come.
    will keep my eyes out for any more of your books.


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