Jeffrey Cohen is an American author of cozy mystery novels and non-fiction books. He writes the Aaron Tucker mystery series and the Double Feature Mysteries series. He also writes as E.J. Copperman. Jeffrey lives in New Jersey with his wife and two children.

Jeffrey Cohen debuted as a published author in 2002 with the novel For Whom the Minivan Rolls and the non-fiction book The Asperger Parent. Below is a list of Jeffrey Cohen’s books in order of when they were first released:

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Publication Order of Aaron Tucker Mysteries Books

For Whom the Minivan Rolls (2002)Description / Buy at
A Farewell to Legs (2003)Description / Buy at
As Dog is My Witness (2005)Description / Buy at
The Gun Also Rises (2011)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Double Feature Mystery Books

Some Like It Hot-Buttered (2007)Description / Buy at
It Happened One Knife (2008)Description / Buy at
A Night at the Operation (2009)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

The Asperger Parent (2002)Description / Buy at
Guns A' Blazing (2006)Description / Buy at
Dad Confidential (2013)Description / Buy at
Core Energetics Beats Addiction (2013)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Goosebumps Presents Books

The Girl Who Cried Monster (By: R.L. Stine,Megan Stine,Charles Lazer) (1996)Description / Buy at
The Cuckoo Clock of Doom (By: R.L. Stine,Carol Ellis,Billy Brown,Dan Angel) (1996)Description / Buy at
Welcome to Camp Nightmare (By: R.L. Stine,Megan Stine,Jeff Cohen) (1996)Description / Buy at
Return of the Mummy (By: R.L. Stine,Charles Lazer,Francine Hughes) (1996)Description / Buy at
Night of the Living Dummy II (By: R.L. Stine,Carol Ellis,Rick Drew) (1996)Description / Buy at
The Headless Ghost (By: R.L. Stine,Carol Ellis,Billy Brown,Dan Angel) (1996)Description / Buy at
My Hairiest Adventure (By: R.L. Stine,Diane Umansky,Michael Short) (1996)Description / Buy at
Be Careful What You Wish For (By: R.L. Stine,Charles Lazer,Jane E. Gerver) (1997)Description / Buy at
Go Eat Worms! (By: R.L. Stine,Tracey West,Rick Drew) (1997)Description / Buy at
Bad Hare Day (By: R.L. Stine,Charles Lazer,Carol Ellis) (1997)Description / Buy at
Let's Get Invisible! (By: R.L. Stine,Megan Stine,Charles Lazer) (1997)Description / Buy at
Attack of the Mutant (By: R.L. Stine,Melinda Metz,Billy Brown,Dan Angel) (1997)Description / Buy at
Ghost Beach (With: R.L. Stine,Carol Ellis) (1997)Description / Buy at
You Can't Scare Me (By: R.L. Stine,Teddy Margulies,Peter Mitchell) (1997)Description / Buy at
Monster Blood (By: R.L. Stine,Rick Drew,Elizabeth Winfrey) (1997)Description / Buy at
Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns (By: R.L. Stine,Carol Ellis,Billy Brown,Dan Angel) (1997)Description / Buy at
Calling All Creeps! (By: R.L. Stine,Carla Jablonski,Billy Brown,Dan Angel) (1997)Description / Buy at
Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes (By: R.L. Stine,Charles Lazer,Teddy Margulies) (1998)Description / Buy at
Novelizations of episodes of the TV series created by R.L. Stine. All books in the series were ghostwritten.

Publication Order of Anthologies

Making Story: Twenty-One Writers on How They Plot(2012)Description / Buy at

If You Like Jeffrey Cohen Books, You’ll Love…

Jeffrey Cohen Synopsis: Some Like It Hot-Buttered is the first Double Feature Mystery by Jeffrey Cohen. All Elliot Freed wanted to do was to make people die laughing. But he didn’t mean it literally. The dead guy in Row S, Seat 18, is no joke. Elliot Freed, recovering writer, socked all his savings-and the alimony from his ex-wife – into the Comedy Tonight movie theater, never suspecting it would become a murder scene. And murder can’t be good for ticket sales… Death by popcorn was the cause. Poisoned popcorn. To the chagrin of the police, Elliot takes to his bike to start his own investigation. A growing attraction to a beautiful detective, the discovery of a DVD pirating operation, and one missing employee later, Elliot’s still waiting for the punch line. But this one might knock his theater – and Elliot – out for good…

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