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Layton Green is an author of mystery, suspense and thriller novels. He is the author of the Dominic Grey series. Layton went to law school in New Orleans and then subsequently practiced as an attorney for many years. He has also worked as an intern for the United Nations, an ESL teacher in Central America, a bartender in London and many other jobs. He has been to over 50 countries, wanting to see everything the world has to offer. In order to create the Dominic Grey character, he combines his interest in spirituality and jujitsu that come out in his writing.

Layton Green became a published novelist in 2010 with the novel The Summoner. Below is a list of Layton Green’s books in order of when they were first published (as well as in chronological order):

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Publication Order of Dominic Grey Books

The Summoner (2010)Description / Buy at
The Egyptian (2011)Description / Buy at
The Diabolist (2013)Description / Buy at
The Shadow Cartel (2015)Description / Buy at
The Reaper's Game (2016)Description / Buy at
The Resurrector (2017)Description / Buy at
The Family (2022)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Blackwood Saga Books

The Brothers Three (2017)Description / Buy at
The Spirit Mage (2017)Description / Buy at
The Last Cleric (2018)Description / Buy at
Return of the Paladin (2019)Description / Buy at
A War of Wizards (2021)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Detective Preach Everson Books

Written in Blood (2017)Description / Buy at
A Shattered Lens (2019)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Genesis Trilogy Books

Unknown 9: Genesis (2020)Description / Buy at
Unknown 9: Revelation (2021)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Metaxy Project (2014)Description / Buy at
The Letterbox (2016)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Hemingway's Ghost (2011)Description / Buy at

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Layton Green Synopsis: In The Diabolist by Layton Green, a Satanic priest is murdered in San Francisco, and so Dominic Grey and Viktor Radec are called to investigate. Witnesses say they saw a robed figure that was able to disappear set the priest on fire. When another Satanic cult leader has a similar death, things get even stranger and more dangerous.

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