Mary Higgins Clark was an American novelist best known for her suspense novels. She had been called “The Queen of Suspense” for her mastery of the genre, leading you to believe that all of the parties are guilty. Her novels often feature women who are young and independent and must solve whatever problem lay in their path. While most of her books are written for adults, some of them have even become a hit with kids. She has also co-authored many Christmas books with her daughter, Carol Higgins Clark.

Mary Higgins Clark passed away at the age of 92 years old on January 31st, 2020.

Mary Higgins Clark started writing novels in 1968 with Aspire To The Heavens, a fictional story about George Washington. It has since been re-released as Mount Vernon Love Story. After that, she did not get another book published until 1975. For a while after that, her output was about a book every 2-3 years until 1989 when she really started getting going. By the time of this writing, Mary Higgins Clark is a prolific author with over 40 books published.

Below is the order of when all of Mary Higgins Clark’s books were originally published:

Publication Order of Alvirah and Willy Books

(with Carol Higgins Clark)

Weep No More, My Lady (1987)Description / Buy at
The Lottery Winner (1994)Description / Buy at
All Through the Night (1998)Description / Buy at
Deck the Halls (With: Carol Higgins Clark) (2000)Description / Buy at
The Christmas Thief (With: Carol Higgins Clark) (2004)Description / Buy at
Santa Cruise (With: Carol Higgins Clark) (2006)Description / Buy at
Dashing Through the Snow (With: Carol Higgins Clark) (2008)Description / Buy at
I'll Walk Alone (2011)Description / Buy at
The Lost Years (2012)Description / Buy at
As Time Goes by (2016)Description / Buy at
All By Myself, Alone (2017)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Under Suspicion Books

(with Alafair Burke)

I've Got You Under My Skin (2014)Description / Buy at
The Cinderella Murder (2014)Description / Buy at
All Dressed in White (2015)Description / Buy at
The Sleeping Beauty Killer (2016)Description / Buy at
Every Breath You Take (2017)Description / Buy at
You Don't Own Me (2018)Description / Buy at
Piece of My Heart (2020)Description / Buy at
It Had to Be You (2024)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Where Are The Children Books

Where are the Children? (1975)Description / Buy at
Where Are the Children Now? (With: Alafair Burke) (2023)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Aspire to the Heavens / Mount Vernon Love Story (1968)Description / Buy at
A Stranger is Watching (1977)Description / Buy at
The Cradle Will Fall (1980)Description / Buy at
A Cry in the Night (1982)Description / Buy at
Stillwatch (1984)Description / Buy at
Caribbean Blues (1988)Description / Buy at
While My Pretty One Sleeps (1989)Description / Buy at
Loves Music, Loves to Dance (1991)Description / Buy at
All Around the Town (1992)Description / Buy at
I'll Be Seeing You (1993)Description / Buy at
Remember Me (1994)Description / Buy at
Let Me Call You Sweetheart (1995)Description / Buy at
Silent Night (1995)Description / Buy at
Pretend You Don't See Her (1995)Description / Buy at
Moonlight Becomes You (1996)Description / Buy at
You Belong To Me (1999)Description / Buy at
We'll Meet Again (1999)Description / Buy at
Before I Say Good-Bye (2000)Description / Buy at
Daddy's Little Girl (2001)Description / Buy at
On the Street Where You Live (2001)Description / Buy at
He Sees You When You're Sleeping (2001)Description / Buy at
The Second Time Around (2003)Description / Buy at
Nighttime is My Time (2004)Description / Buy at
No Place Like Home (2005)Description / Buy at
Two Little Girls in Blue (2006)Description / Buy at
I Heard That Song Before (2007)Description / Buy at
Ghost Ship (2007)Description / Buy at
Where Are You Now? (2008)Description / Buy at
Just Take My Heart (2009)Description / Buy at
The Shadow of Your Smile (2010)Description / Buy at
The Magical Christmas Horse (2011)Description / Buy at
Daddy's Gone A-Hunting (2013)Description / Buy at
The Melody Lingers On (2015)Description / Buy at
I've Got My Eyes on You (2018)Description / Buy at
Kiss the Girls and Make Them Cry (2019)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Publication Order of Short Story Collections

The Anastasia Syndrome (1989)Description / Buy at
Death on the Cape and Other Stories (1989)Description / Buy at
My Gal Sunday (1996)Description / Buy at
The Body in the Closet and Plumbing for Willy (1998)Description / Buy at
Death Wears a Beauty Mask and Other Stories (2015)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Kitchen Privileges (2002)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Regan Reilly Mystery Books

(with Carol Higgins Clark)

Decked (By: Carol Higgins Clark) (1991)Description / Buy at
Snagged (By: Carol Higgins Clark) (1993)Description / Buy at
Iced (By: Carol Higgins Clark) (1994)Description / Buy at
Twanged (By: Carol Higgins Clark) (1997)Description / Buy at
Deck the Halls (With: Carol Higgins Clark) (2000)Description / Buy at
Fleeced (By: Carol Higgins Clark) (2001)Description / Buy at
Jinxed (By: Carol Higgins Clark) (2002)Description / Buy at
Popped (By: Carol Higgins Clark) (2003)Description / Buy at
The Christmas Thief (With: Carol Higgins Clark) (2004)Description / Buy at
Burned (By: Carol Higgins Clark) (2005)Description / Buy at
Hitched (By: Carol Higgins Clark) (2006)Description / Buy at
Laced (By: Carol Higgins Clark) (2007)Description / Buy at
Zapped (By: Carol Higgins Clark) (2008)Description / Buy at
Cursed (By: Carol Higgins Clark) (2009)Description / Buy at
Wrecked (By: Carol Higgins Clark) (2010)Description / Buy at
Mobbed (By: Carol Higgins Clark) (2011)Description / Buy at
Gypped / Scammed (By: Carol Higgins Clark) (2012)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Anthologies

Murder on the Aisle(1987)Description / Buy at
Caribbean Blues(1988)Description / Buy at
Murder in Manhattan(1988)Description / Buy at
Sisters in Crime 2(1990)Description / Buy at
Women of Mystery(1992)Description / Buy at
Malice Domestic 2(1993)Description / Buy at
Justice in Manhattan(1995)Description / Buy at
Bad Behavior(1995)Description / Buy at
The Crown Crime Companion(1995)Description / Buy at
The Year's 25 Finest Crime and Mystery Stories 1996(1995)Description / Buy at
Murder For Love(1996)Description / Buy at
More Malice Domestic(1997)Description / Buy at
The Plot Thickens(1997)Description / Buy at
Murder on the Run(1998)Description / Buy at
The Night Awakens(1998)Description / Buy at
The Best American Mystery Stories 1998(1998)Description / Buy at
Master's Choice: Mystery Stories by Today's Top Writers and the Masters Who Inspired Them(2000)Description / Buy at
On a Raven's Wing(2009)Description / Buy at
By Hook or By Crook and 27 More of the Best Crime and Mystery Stories of the Year(2010)Description / Buy at
Inherit the Dead(2013)Description / Buy at
Manhattan Mayhem(2015)Description / Buy at

Notes: Aspire To The Heavens is also known as Mount Vernon Love Story. Deck The Halls, He Sees You When You’re Sleeping, The Christmas Thief, Santa Cruise and Dashing Through the Snow were co-authored with daughter Carol Higgins Clark. Inherit the Dead is a collaborative novel written with several other authors. The Under Suspicion series is written with Alafair Burke.

Mary Higgins Clark Reader Reviews:

Submitted by Anne M.

Where Are The Children – This is the story of Nancy, a woman whose two children mysteriously disappeared many years ago. Their bodies were later found and she was charged with their murders. She insisted that she had nothing to with their disappearance and deaths, but the District Attorney’s office wasn’t buying it. She was found guilty but the charges were later overturned.

Nancy is abandoned by her husband and moves and changes her identity to start her new life. She later remarries and has two more children and the nightmare begins again. Her two children disappear and all the old suspicious surface again. Did she do this and is she really responsible for her first two children’s deaths?

I loved this book and was equally enthralled with it from start to finish. Would definitely recommend this book as a “must read”!

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