Mike Papantonio, full name James Michael Papantonio, is an American Torts lawyer who has entered the writing game with some great legal thrillers.

Mike will be well known to many Americans as along with being a lawyer he has hosted television and radio shows. He hosts a radio show called America’s Lawyer and co-hosts Ring of Fire as well.

Mike is a member of the prestigious Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame.

He started his fiction writing career with the novel Law and Disorder. It features Nicholas Deketomis and all books Mike has written since then also feature this character. All books are legal thrillers.

This is the list of Mike Papantonio books:

Publication Order of Nick "Deke" Deketomis Books

Law and Disorder (2016)Amazon.com | Amazon.fr
Law and Vengeance (2017)Amazon.com | Amazon.fr
Law and Addiction (2019)Amazon.com | Amazon.fr
Inhuman Trafficking (With: Alan Russell) (2021)Amazon.com | Amazon.fr

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

In Search of Atticus Finch (1996)Amazon.com | Amazon.fr
Clarence Darrow, the Journeyman (1997)Amazon.com | Amazon.fr
Resurrecting Aesop (2000)Amazon.com | Amazon.fr

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Mike Papantonio Synopsis: The first book written by Mike, Law and Disorder, features Nicholas Deketomis. He is a lawyer who has built a big business as he fights for the innocent. He resides in Florida and has a great and successful life. All of that looks like it may change though as he has to go up against a big pharma company – and this is one company you don’t want to mess with.

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