Nathan M. Farrugia is an Australian author of technothriller novels. He writes the Fifth Column and the Helix series. Nathan has served as part of the infantry and reconnaissance divisions of the Australian Army. He has also studied film, television and professional writing. Some of the other jobs he has had include post-production video editor, colourist and copywriter. Nathan’s hobbies include urban exploration, practicing lockpicking and escaping from plasticuffs and straitjackets and studying the Systema martial art. He lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Nathan M. Farrugia made his debut as a published author 2012 with the novel The Chimera Vector. Below is a list of Nathan M. Farrugia’s books in order of when they were originally released:

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Publication Order of Fifth Column Books

The Chimera Vector (2012)Description / Buy at
The Seraphim Sequence (2013)Description / Buy at
The Phoenix Variant (2014)Description / Buy at
The Phoenix Ascent (2018)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Helix Books

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Nathan M. Farrugia Synopses: The Chimera Vector by Nathan M. Farrugia is the first book of The Fifth Column series. Recruited at a young age, Sophia is a deniable operative for the Fifth Column. Like all operatives, Sophia’s DNA has been altered to augment her senses and her mind is splintered into programmed subsets. On a routine mission in Iran something goes catastrophically wrong. Bugs are beginning to appear in Sophia’s programming and the mission spins out of control.

Helix is the first episode of the Helix series by Nathan M. Farrugia. Olesya is a regular girl from post-Soviet Russia, but that changes when the clandestine Fifth Column discover her rare genetic anomaly. Taken from her home and ensnared in a special training program, Olesya is destined to become a black operative, or die trying. But when a splinter faction of the Fifth Column sabotages the program, she escapes. Almost a decade later, Olesya leads a team of hunters on a dangerous assignment. Her targets are black operatives: elusive, genetically enhanced, and unstoppable. From the bio-clinics of Brazil to the icy borderlands of Kaliningrad, from the catacombs of Lithuania to the citadel of occupied Prague, Olesya is at the heart of a war against a powerful, malevolent organization that wants total control. But as operatives and hunters start to disappear, Olesya discovers they aren’t the only ones in this deadly game…

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