Rena Barron is an American science fiction and fantasy writer who burst onto the scene with her debut novel, Kingdom of Souls also known as The Last Witchdoctor. She is also the author of Maya and the Rising Dark.

Rena grew up in Alabama in a small-town with a love for magic and adventure. She first tried writing in middle school and that didn’t turn out so well, but by high school she was penning short stories and novels. She has a love for all things science fiction and fantasy which definitely shows up in her published work.

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Publication Order of Kingdom of Souls Books

Kingdom of Souls (2019)Description / Buy at
Reaper of Souls (2021)Description / Buy at
Master of Souls (2023)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Maya and the Rising Dark Books

Maya and the Rising Dark (2020)Description / Buy at
Maya and the Return of the Godlings (2021)Description / Buy at
Maya and the Lord of Shadows (2022)Description / Buy at

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In Kingdom of Souls, Arrah is the heir to two lives of powerful witch doctors, but has no magic of her own. She fails to live up to her family’s legacy and is disapproved of by her powerful mother. Arrah believes that she may never be good enough. Then one day children start to disappear from the kingdom and she is helpless. Arrah decides to turn to a forbidden, dangerous ritual to get power and it’s a ritual that she’ll need to trade her life for. Once she gets it, Arrah realizes a awful betrayal and a rise tide of darkness that is threatening all that she holds dear. She must work quickly to figure out the scheme and make things right before she loses her life…and more.

Maya and the Dark Rising follows a twelve-year-old girl named Maya who lives on the South Side of Chicago. She is different than the other kids and adults in her neighborhood because she is the only one who witnesses weird occurrences like werehyenas stalking the streets at night and a scary man made of shadows plaguing her dreams. Her friends believe her and are trying to help her find an explanation, but Maya believes it is straight out of her Papa’s stories. Then when her Papa goes missing, she will will head to a strange world to uncover the truth about her family and herself.

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