Richard Castle is a fictional character who is portrayed by Nathan Fillion on the ABC television series Castle. Despite being a fictional character, Castle is an author of real-life mystery novels as well as several short stories. In his spare time, Castle plays poker with James Patterson, Michael Connelly and Dennis Lehane.

While we don’t have dates of publication for Castle’s fictional novels (and yes, that is fictional, meaning they do not actually exist), we can tell you that the Rick Castle character became a real-world author in 2009 with the release of Heat Wave, starring Nikki Heat – based on fictional NYPD detective Kate Beckett. Below is a list of Rick Castle’s books in order of when they were originally released:

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Publication Order of Nikki Heat Books

Publication Order of Derrick Storm Books

Publication Order of Derrick Storm Graphic Novels

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Note: Richard Castle’s Deadly Storm was written by Brian Michael Bendis.

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Richard Castle Synopses: Heat Wave by Richard Castle is a mystery novel featuring Nikki Heat, a tough and passionate leader of one of New York City’s top homicide squads. The story takes an unexpected turn when Jameson Rook, a charismatic and meddling magazine journalist, is assigned to ride along with Nikki for a research article. Together, they investigate the murder of a real estate tycoon, unraveling secrets and facing a growing spark between them. The novel combines elements of mystery, crime-solving, and a developing romance, creating a compelling narrative that keeps readers engaged.

Naked Heat is the second book in the Nikki Heat series, written by the fictional character Richard Castle from the TV show “Castle.” The novel follows NYPD Homicide Detective Nikki Heat and journalist Jameson Rook as they investigate a murder. As they work together to solve the case, their banter and chemistry add a layer of tension and humor to the story. The Nikki Heat series is a metafictional mystery series inspired by the characters and cases featured in the “Castle” television series.

In A Brewing Storm by Richard Castle, when Derrick Storm is called out of early retirement by his former CIA boss to investigate a high-profile kidnapping in Washington, he teams up with FBI investigator April Showers. Together, they must navigate a complex web of ransom notes, personal relationships, and international politics to solve the case. The novel combines elements of mystery, espionage, and political intrigue, creating a thrilling story for fans of the Derrick Storm character.

Richard Castle Reviews: Though I haven’t spent much time reading, my fascination with the TV series Castle led me to pick up Heat Wave by Richard Castle with uncertain expectations. As I delved into the first few chapters, it felt like I was reading and envisioning the TV series. I easily connected the detectives in the book to the ones from the show, and the adventure of unraveling the mystery in their murder case added to the excitement. I would highly recommend this to fellow fans of the TV series, especially those looking for a captivating read that sparks their interest in books. -Andy

I finished reading Naked Heat by Richard Castle. Rook, the love interest of Nikki Heat, plays a pivotal role in the storyline. The dynamic between the detective and journalist is intricately woven as they collaborate to solve another murder. The incorporation of elements from the Castle TV show into the storyline, including moments where things Castle mentions making it into his book actually appear in the book, brought a chuckle and added a delightful touch to the narrative. -J.

Heat Rises by Richard Castle captivates you from start to finish, keeping you on the edge of your seat. It skillfully weaves thrilling chases and life-or-death scenarios that Nikki must navigate. The book effectively solidifies the relationship between Nikki and Rook, adding depth to their connection. -J.

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16 Responses to “Order of Richard Castle Books”

  1. jenn: 7 years ago

    Just like many of you I was so surprised to find out the books he talked about in the show were real!!! I can read them in 2-3 days usually. The last one I read, had me guessing at the killer, until she made the arrest in the last chapter! I had thought it but dismissed it. Anyway, so glad I found them!


  2. Rustie Rothstein: 8 years ago

    Didn’t Rick have the Derrick Storm out before he started working with Becket?


  3. The Tech Fan: 9 years ago

    i want all of his books especially the first one “Heat Wave” I’m telling you, ice bullet.


  4. GCF: 9 years ago

    Whomever is writing the actual books is doing a good job of paralleling the series! (I was shocked when I first saw a “Caste” book in the bookstore!!)
    Love the series!


    • tony pope: 7 years ago

      Nice try at the grammatically correct sentence, but I’m afraid you did not pass the test.


      • jenn: 7 years ago

        You don’t have to be rude! He was just making a point. The way he saw it. And either his phone autocorrected (like mine was just trying to do) or he was typing fast and misspelled a word. This is a castle thread not a grammar quiz!


  5. castle obsession: 9 years ago

    I love castle (tv show not the character)


  6. Fred Love: 9 years ago

    Since I’ve retired, I’ve read most of the Heat series, and no matter who the true Author may be, they are all good reading. I actually laughed at some parts, and had to keep reading to find out what happens next! Great Job!


  7. maby: 10 years ago

    that books can be buy?


  8. Jay: 10 years ago

    BUT, we all know that the person behind the Richard Castle books ISNOT Richard Castle or Nathan Fillion, but one of the produces of the TV series.


    • Brandon: 10 years ago

      That we do… but the books say “Richard Castle” and I’m not even sure that the true identity of the writer has been revealed (correct me if I’m wrong). Most likely, it’s a house name for a group of writers.


      • Malinda Smith: 10 years ago

        The clue is in that poker game they had awhile back….I am thinking it is a collaboration of them all James Patterson, Stephen King and I don’t know who!!


        • Diane: 8 years ago

          No, there was another person at the table – a woman – I believe it’s her because they said the author had a cameo. They barely showed her face and she kind of had a smile from her profile. It was perfect if it was her!


        • Diane: 8 years ago

          Correction – I started off with “no” but that’s inaccurate, however I do strongly believe it was the other woman I mentioned in my other reply comment.


    • Anita McNab: 9 years ago

      True….but it didn’t stop me asking Nathan to sign as Richard…. it was just so meta


      • Beth P: 9 years ago

        Lucky you!! I would love him to do the same with mine!


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