Dr. Robin Cook is an American physician-turned-author who writes medical thrillers. His goal as a novelist is to educate his readers on important (and controversial) medical issues while entertaining them at the same time. He considers himself a doctor who became a novelist rather than a novelist who studied medicine. A number of Cook’s works have been adapted to film and television, including Coma, which was directed by Michael Crichton (who was also an author and a doctor).

Robin Cook penned his literary debut while serving in the Navy, which was Year of the Intern (published in 1972). Below is a list of Robin Cook’s books in order of when they were originally published (and in chronological order):

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  1. Francis: 4 years ago

    Fantastic author.


  2. Shirley: 9 years ago

    Can’t wait for new book following Cell.


    • caitlyn lamb: 9 years ago

      you can preorder it on amazon


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